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Which foreplay skills can make sex upgrade? How much do you know about sex foreplay skills?

Abstract: In life, many couples or couples desire a perfect sex life, because it can not only enhance the relationship between husband and wife, but also bring a more wonderful experience for both husband and wife. But there is one thing that both spouses must correctly recognize, that is, perfect sexual foreplay is the key to improving the quality of couples’ sex, so how long is the appropriate period of sexual foreplay between husband and wife? What foreplay skills can escalate sex? Next, let’s get to know it together!

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Preparation before sex

  1. What men need to do before sex

(1) Clean. Before men have sex, even if they use condoms, they must clean themselves, especially the genitals, and the mouth, where women can kiss on the body.

(2) Fresh breath. Men should remember that when you are having sex, your fresh breath is very important. No one wants to smell a smell or smell of garlic when you kiss.

(3) Drink water. Before sex, men should drink plenty of water to keep your body from lacking water, and, if possible, drink more brown sugar water to replenish your physical strength.

(4) Condoms. When men have sex, it is best to prepare condoms. In this way, after the foreplay is finished, you need to wear it, otherwise you may forget it, and you may get an unexpected pregnancy.

(5) Reduce stress. When having sex, it’s best to leave some pressure behind, especially work pressure, and don’t have too much burden, so that you can maintain good physical strength during sex.

(6) Lubricating oil. These preparations in advance are also good, sometimes they can be used, and sometimes they are not. So, get ready, just in case you use it. If you don’t prepare lubricating oil, it will destroy your taste.

(7) Urinate. Before sex, if you have the idea of urinating, remember, don’t hold back, be sure to drain, so that it will not affect the pleasure of your ejaculation.

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2. What should women prepare before sex

(1) Keep your face clean

Many women put on heavy makeup on their faces in order to make themselves look more beautiful. Although this will stimulate a man’s sexual desire, when he kisses you, he will become disgusted with you.

Therefore, everyone try to keep the face fresh and clean during sex. If you are worried about acne or stains on your face, you can put on a light makeup or wash your long hair fragrantly, and then the hair will hang down to cover most of the “painted face”. However, this is just an emergency trick. After the intimacy, we still need to start with personal hygiene and skin care to improve the skin.

(2) Clean up your body hair

Some women have thick body hair, but they don’t care because of their carefree personality. This leads to a lot of sex loss when men touch you when making love, and they don’t want to be close to you. Therefore, you can usually ignore the thick body hair on your body, but before sex, you must remove your body hair to make your skin appear smooth and soft.

In addition, you can’t be lazy in winter and spring. After taking a bath, remember to apply moisturizer to your skin to make your skin smooth and sexy.

(3) Wash off the smell of sweat: There are many women who are very capable and can clean up their homes and do their work beautifully. However, busy people tend to ignore some things, such as forgetting to wash off the pungent sweat on their bodies during sex, which affects the sexual interest of men.

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How long is the foreplay

The best time for foreplay is 15 minutes. If the time is not up, women cannot mobilize the passions in their bodies, and cannot play their best during sex; foreplay is too long, and the long-lost sexual desire of the body has cooled down. By the time sex happens, there is no sexual pleasure. But there is an exception. Some women have a fast sexual desire, and the time can be compressed according to the specific situation.

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Foreplay skills

1. Let’s have some cold stimulation

Simple touching requires the partner’s devotion to feel, but for the person who is touching, changing the touching technique and increasing the touch can greatly deepen the feeling of the other person. For example, use some cold things suitable to play with to stimulate her sensation, such as freezing a grape for 20 minutes, and placing them in rows on the sides of her neck and thighs.

2. Wrap her to be a ball on the bed

Bundling has its own attraction: it can increase the excitement of participants. But those chains, ropes, etc. may scare her (and also scare us), so you might as well try this method: wrap her body with a large towel so that her hands can’t move; then go and caress her On the outer part: head, shoulders, feet, this is simpler, natural and easy to accept than binding.

3. The gentleman uses his mouth and his hands

At this intimate moment, don’t idle your hands. The abdomen of your fingers is so light to touch it , your fingertips circle around, your finger presses, digging, picking, in and out, and other varied “finger skills” can be applied to all imaginable sexually sensitive area. At the same time, the close embrace, gentle embrace, body rubbing, etc. often make women’s hairs stand up, panting and trembling slightly.

4. Blindfold your eyes

Many women feel insecure about missionary positions because you can’t see their bodies. But if you are blindfolded, they will do more for you.

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Sexual foreplay step

First, a man should start with a woman’s hand, hold her hand gently, and kiss the back of her finger. In fact, fingers are also erogenous zones, just erogenous zones that are often overlooked by women. Turn her hand over, palm facing up. As for you, close your mouth tightly. Use your lips to gently imprint on the softest part of her palm, and slowly press and move towards her wrist until your lips feel the pulse on her wrist.

Kiss her lips again, starting from her lower lip. In the same way, close your lips gently and gently hold her lower lip between your lips. Be gentle enough that she hardly feels your presence. In the same way, use your lips to touch her upper lip, neck, earlobes, and eyelids in sequence. Remember, your eyes should be open and your lips closed.

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At the same time, don’t idle your hands, and gently touch her hands and shoulders with your fingertips. Then, kiss her all over her body and focus the firepower on the hidden areas: inner thighs, knee fossa, behind the earlobe, and upper side of the chest (not the nipple). Remember, not kissing all the way, but jumping from one part to another. Be gentle, suck and kiss, and press with your tongue occasionally.

Precautions for sexual foreplay Since men’s orgasms come faster than women, it is necessary to give women some time to create a sense of intimacy of sex for women. It is important to know that both parties can enjoy sex. So, don’t try to test your girlfriend’s patience. Please spend some time in foreplay before making love, and cultivate more feelings with her, otherwise it will be boring.

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