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What Is The Price Of Sex Dolls? How Much Is A Sex Doll?


The price of sex dolls is composed of the following factors: First, the materials used to make sex dolls, such as inflatable sex dolls, TPE sex dolls, silicone sex dolls, etc. The price of using different materials is very different, so the price of sex dolls will be very different. Second, the additional functions of the sex doll, such as whether it can stand, whether it has a heating function, whether it has a sound function, etc. The number of different functions determines the price of the sex doll. Third, different crafts determine the price of sex dolls. Exquisite sex dolls generally require longer production time and higher craftsmanship, so the price of such sex dolls is generally higher. Fourth, the price of sex dolls of different brands is different, which depends on the brand premium. Generally speaking, the higher the brand awareness, the higher the price of sex dolls.

Below we will analyze different sex dolls corresponding to different price points:

Inflatable sex doll

Inflatable sex sex dolls are our most common kind. The penis can’t be inserted at all. It is a big balloon that is ugly when used as a lifebuoy. This kind of sex doll can be bought for about 20 Dollars. However, the hand feel is poor and the reduction degree is low, and the only function is to be the base of the aircraft cup. Here I only recommend that you buy it for performance art or as a prop for cutting-edge photography.

Rag sex doll

Compared with inflatable sex dolls, rag sex dolls have made a little progress, at least they will not leak, and the fabric material feels better than inflatable plastic leather. The filling sponge and cotton also have some softness, and the skeleton can be shaped to a certain extent. . But the shortcomings… no real human touch, unreal face, weird skin tone, and no body details at all. The advantages are light and easy to store, and it does not require frequent maintenance such as washing and powdering. It is also easy to wear clothes and with the cheapest price. However, if you like this quadratic element style and have a limited budget, you can consider it.

The rag sex dolls have been gradually eliminated, and the prices are generally less than 100 US dollars. The experience of using them is very poor and it is not recommended to buy them.

TPE sex doll

From here is the point! It has been a real physical sex doll since TPE, and good-looking sex dolls also start here. TPE material is a kind of foamed flexible plastic with thermoplasticity, and most airplane cups on the market now use this material.

TPE can be melted and repaired by itself

Compared with silicone sex dolls, TPE sex dolls have a lower cost and are very soft, but their shaping ability is weak, and there is no way to express body lines and details well. Therefore, TPE always gives people a fleshy and round feeling, lacks the details of the human body, and is not delicate enough. In terms of durability, TPE is more likely to be torn than silicone, and its life span is relatively short. And because TPE is a kind of foaming material, it is not easy to put on makeup, and it will be relatively cheap in the treatment of the makeup face of sex dolls, and it lacks soft excess. Tpe sex doll material is soft, tear-resistant, elastic, easy to dye, easy to deform, moderate life, slightly inferior in body details and makeup painting, can not plant hair, plant eyelashes, matte material, heavy weight, difficult to wear clothes, price relatively cheap; in the end, TPE will have more or less oil and odor problems, but these two problems produced by major manufacturers will be relatively less.

TPE sex dolls have become a more common choice for physical sex dolls due to lower cost and production equipment requirements. However, this has created a chaotic domestic market. Some businesses purchase cheap materials and produce inferior sex dolls, which are simply the industry cancer! But of course, the industry also has some factories that are serious about making sex dolls. Let me introduce them to you below.

The price range of TPE sex doll is about US$500 to US$3000. This is mainly related to the size of the sex doll. Larger sizes often require more raw materials and the price will increase accordingly; at the same time, there are also great differences between different brands. Factors such as some well-known brands, their TPE sex dolls tend to be relatively expensive, but at the same time the quality is relatively high, and they have unique advantages in oil control and odor control.

So if you want to buy a more assured TPE sex doll, such as a medium-sized sex doll with a medium body of 165CM, the recommended purchase price is around $1,500, so that the quality can be guaranteed. A smaller size will be cheaper and larger size or the fuller figure tends to be slightly more expensive, about 2,000 US dollars, generally not more than 3,000 US dollars.

If you want to buy TPE sex dolls for less than $500, most of the dolls you buy are of lower quality.

Of course, there are other factors that affect the price of sex dolls, such as whether it has a heating function, whether it has a voice function, but these are small influencing factors, and the cost of these functions is about 200 US dollars.

Summary: The best price for buying TPE sex dolls should be around US$1500 to US$2500.In this price range, you can enjoy most of the features of TPE sex dolls, such as skin color selection, heating function, voice function, breast gel lining, choice of hair style, separable vagina, advanced skeleton, etc. Only at this price can you buy sex dolls with better brands and better quality.

Silicone sex doll

Finally, it is the silicone sex doll. The material of the silicone sex doll is soft, slightly less ductile than tep, not easy to dye, not easy to produce oil, not easy to deform, and has a long life.

The body curve and skin texture are good in details; it can be painted, can be transplanted hair, eyelashes, the material is bright, the weight is heavy, it is difficult to wear clothes, and the price is the most expensive.

The silicone sex doll can be said to be the top level in the sex doll industry. The material is non-toxic, and it can be shaped very well to outline the lines and details of the human body. Although the softness of silicone is a little bit worse than that of TPE, in recent years, technology has developed. Through technologies such as silicone latex injection, the hard parts of silicone sex dolls can be made hard, and the soft parts are soft and feel very good.

0 to 500 USD range

In this price range, you will never find a full-size silicone sex doll. The best you will find are realistic silicone body parts, such as the face, feet or hands of a female doll. If you have a fetish about a certain part of a woman’s body, you may be satisfied with that part, nothing more. Of course anyone can afford silicone feet or hands for less than $500. You may even find silicone vaginas. Just don’t expect any woman to be attached to the vagina.

501 to 1500 USD range

The price range of 501 to 1,500 USD will provide you with more than just body parts. You can actually enjoy the entire doll’s body. The only problem is that it is a mini sex doll rather than a full-size sex doll. You can expect your mini sex doll to be between 24 inches and 36 inches in height, that is, 2 feet to 3 feet.

They still have all important sexual body parts such as mouth, vagina and anus. The only difference is that they are smaller than standard sizes. However, if you have a limited budget and like short ladies, then you might like a mini sex doll. At least during sexual intercourse, it will make your penis tighter.

Range of US$1501 to US$2500

In this price range, sex dolls become higher. Between $1,501 and $2,500, you can find a sex doll about 4 to 5 feet tall. Many people think this is a standard size because there are such high true sex women.

The only problem is that their faces and colors do not look 100% realistic. The basic appearance is similar to a woman’s face, but not very detailed. You will see the shape of the face, but no makeup or texture features. The effect of breast and vagina use is average.

But hey, at least you will get a higher sex doll that you can play with. Some men are satisfied for less than $2,500 to get a silicone sex doll similar to the height and body shape of a sexy woman.

$2501 to $3500

When you buy a sex doll for $3,500, you will get a doll with more features and more choices. For example, you will find sex dolls with separable vaginas, pubic hair, flexible bone joints, and various styles of hair and eyes.

If you want more than a sex doll, then buying a sex doll between $2,501 and $3,500 is a good idea. These are dolls that can be photographed in front of the camera. If you are a photographer or artist and want to capture a beautiful woman because it is fun to pose on the camera, then you should buy a doll in this price range.

As for the detachable vagina, this is so convenient for any man who has sex with a doll. When the vagina is separated from the rest of the body, the cleaning process becomes very easy.

$3501 to $4500 range

When you spend between $3,501 and $4,500, sex dolls will become more and more realistic. No doubt, you will find realistic full-size sex dolls everywhere. It will have internal bone structure, silicone breasts, tight ass, beautiful face and beautiful long legs.

Many men want to buy a real sex doll and start here. It is not too expensive, nor is it too cheap. The quality of the sex dolls you get here is enough to meet your daily sexual needs and desires. Moreover, if you want to use the doll for photography and companionship, then it can replace real people.

Range of 4,501 to 5,500 USD

Surreal sex dolls can be purchased within this price range. You will have more choices to choose breast size, butt size, body size and race. If you want white women or Asian women to have a specific breast or butt size, you can find those options that are suitable for dolls in this price range.

You will also get more customization options. You can choose all the items owned by the sex doll you want, such as skin color, eye color, face, breast size, butt size, race, lips, nails, feet, etc.

More than $5,500

When you spend more than $5,500 on a sex doll, you can expect to get a fully customized sex doll with everything you want. Not only can you select all the body parts you need, you can also request to create your own character sex doll.

For example, if you want to create a female alien or anime character sex doll, you can ask to create it for you. Female aliens may have pink skin, green skin, purple skin, or whatever skin you want. Anime characters have big heads and big eyeballs, similar to anime cartoon characters.

Since every sex doll is made from scratch, the creator of the sex doll can meet such requirements. They do need more time and energy to complete these requests, but that’s why they need to spend more money to fulfill them.

Over $10,000

You may be wondering what is more realistic than the one just described above. How about a robot sex doll that can talk, move and make facial expressions? Robot sex dolls are still in their infancy, but some Japanese companies are already selling their prototypes.

You will not find a robot sex doll that sells for less than $10,000. This is understandable, because all computer technology is integrated into the robot sex doll. Artificial intelligence sex dolls are difficult to make, especially when it comes to faces. Each robot sex doll has several sensors that can sense facial movements. In this way, it can make different facial expressions when you speak or look at you.

in conclusion

Now, you should have a good idea about the price of sex dolls. There are too many different price ranges to accommodate consumers’ budgets. All you have to do is choose the price range that best suits you and choose the product that suits you best.

It is strongly not recommended to buy inflatable sex dolls or Rag sex dolls, the experience is very poor, although their prices are very cheap.

The most cost-effective choice is to combine the silicone head with the TPE body, that is, the combination of the sex doll is that the head is silicone and the body part is made of TPE material, so that you can not only enjoy the experience of using silicone dolls, but also save money a lot of money.

If you have a sufficient budget, you can buy full silicone body sex dolls, the experience will be very good.

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