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What Is The Best Sex Doll?


What is the best sex doll?

Do you know what the best sex doll is, and what should the best sex doll look like? The best sex doll material achieves the softness and flexibility that is very close to the real human body. After the joints are twisted, the outside looks no abnormal deformation, which is no different from the real person and is very perfect; the face can be very close to the real person, and can even be more realistic.We can explain from the following aspects. First, the materials used should be good, including the materials used for various parts of the body; second, have excellent design capabilities and craftsmanship; third, the best sex dolls have a variety of the most advanced functions.

First of all, the best sex dolls should be made with the best production materials.

There are many types of sex dolls on the market, with prices ranging from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The huge price difference is not only because the height of the sex dolls , but also the material used to make the sex dolls.The price difference of sex dolls between different materials is also very big, and currently the sex dolls on the market use platinum silicone, silicone, tpe, and the following is to share the difference between the three materials and the actual use effect. So what materials do they use to make the best sex dolls?

1. Platinum silica gel

Platinum silica gel is a high-grade imported silica gel raw material, made of two-component addition molding vulcanizing agent. Compared with tpe, it has the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and odorless, high sanitation level, high transparency after molding, anti-yellowing, non-toxic, odorless, and long service life,physiologically inert, resistant to biological aging and other characteristics, it is more reassuring to use;

Platinum silica gel, medical grade and food grade silica gel are widely used in medical and sanitary products, daily necessities (such as silicone kitchen utensils, silicone gifts, etc.), which require high safety and environmental protection levels;

Sex doll made of platinum silicone

Generally speaking, the best sex dolls are made of platinum silicone, and most of the head sculptures of high-end sex dolls are made of platinum silicone.

Advantages: sanitary and safe, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, long service life, not easy to produce oil and deformation. The material cannot be recycled, and there is no sex doll made of waste;

Disadvantages: the touch is slightly harder than tpe, the material cost is high, and the production scraps and waste materials cannot be recycled, resulting in a high cost of making a single doll, and the relatively high retail price of the doll is unacceptable;

2. Ordinary silica gel

Ordinary silica gel is made of ordinary silica gel and traditional vulcanizing agent, and the cost price is relatively low, but it will slowly turn yellow after a period of use, and its physiological inertia will also be weakened in long-term use;

Ordinary silica gel is most commonly used in environmentally friendly industrial products, accessories, auto parts, and electrical accessories;

Sex doll made of ordinary silicone

Some of the best sex dolls are also made of ordinary silicone. Generally speaking, sex dolls made of ordinary silicone have a high degree of simulation, visually no different from real people, and can even be more realistic

Advantages: hygienic and safe, non-toxic and without any odor, suitable for shape shaping of sex dolls, skin texture is clear, delicate and realistic.

Disadvantages: The texture is hard, the touch is not realistic enough, not suitable for using the body skin of sex dolls, suitable for making models for photography, etc..

3. tpe

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a material with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience of rubber, and the characteristics of injection molding. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe, has a wide range of applications, has excellent colorability, soft touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, superior processing performance, does not need vulcanization, can be recycled to reduce costs, and can be two-shot injection molding. It can be coated and bonded with PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other base materials, or it can be molded separately.

Sex doll made of Tpe

The body part of the best sex doll is generally made of TPE material. TPE is a mixture of multiple ingredients, which has high technical requirements for manufacturers. A prepared Tpe raw material,

It even surpasses silicone materials in some performance aspects. Compared with silicone materials, TPE has both rubber and plastic properties, making it more flexible and has a better real touch. For standard silica gel and TPE, silica gel has a relatively long service life. However, unlike standard quality silicone, the quality of TPE depends more on the combination of its components, and the service life of high-quality TPE dolls will be longer than that of silicone dolls.

Advantages: low material cost, slightly softer texture, low price for molded sex dolls, popular products, and easier to accept. Scrap materials from the production process can be recycled multiple times, further reducing production costs, and second-hand recycling can be reused. It has a soft touch and feels like a real person. It can be used to make the body part of a sex doll to get a good touch.

Disadvantages: The technical requirements are high. The production of Tpe materials requires a variety of ingredients to be mixed. If you do not master the technology, it will cause the material to have a big peculiar smell. At present, flavors are also added to deodorize, which can effectively reduce the peculiar smell.

Comprehensive analysis of materials

The platinum silicone sex doll is suitable for use, is hygienic and safe, has a long service life and does not have any peculiar smell. But the high price is not easy for people to accept;

The silicone sex doll is hygienic, safe and has no peculiar smell, the skin texture is clear, delicate and realistic, but the texture is too hard and not suitable for use. It is suitable for making fake models for photography collection hobbies, etc.

TPE sex dolls have a slightly softer texture, lower prices, and are easier to accept, but they have strict technical requirements for manufacturers. To produce good TPE sex dolls, you must master the formula of TPE material and the production process.

Secondly, sex doll manufacturers need to have excellent design capabilities and craftsmanship

The best sex dolls are made with the best craftsmanship. Generally speaking, dolls with good craftsmanship are embodied in the head sculpture. A good head sculpture will feel more realistic when shot at a closer distance. A doll with poor craftsmanship will generally be shot at a long distance, and a lot of flaws will be found in close shots.

The best sex dolls use the best artificial eyeballs: you can take a closer look at this eyeball, good eyes are nearly dozens of dollars, and the artificial eyeballs used by general doll factories are from a few dollars to more than ten dollars,so it looks very dull. The well-made eyeballs are much better than the poorly-made eyeballs. You can also see the tiny bloodshot on the whites of the eyes, which are very close to the eyes of real people.

The eyebrows of the best sex dolls are all implanted: Let’s look at the eyebrows again, the eyebrows of the general sex dolls are painted on, which can save costs. In this better sex doll, the eyebrows are implanted, which looks more real. By the way, let’s talk about the hair. The hair transplanted doll has a hairline, which will be more expensive, and the non-transplanted doll will be cheaper.

The lips of the best sex dolls will have textures: the lips of a good sex doll are delicate and textured, while the lips of an ordinary sex doll have no texture. 

The skin of the best sex doll is textured and layered: you can look at the skin, good craftsmanship will give the skin a layered feeling, poor craftsmanship can’t be done, the skin of ordinary dolls is not painted, Yes, so the skin looks a bit transparent, so everyone thinks it is not real.

The skin of a real person is layered. You can see that the skin of a real person is not only one color, but a mixed color, with red, white, yellow, and capillary green;

Therefore, to achieve this effect, you need to apply paint 4 times and mix several colors, so as to achieve the effect of real human skin. The head sculpture in the hand in the picture is a silica gel color. It has not been painted with paint 4 times, and it has no real beauty.

Generally, silicone doll manufacturers apply a single layer, and almost no coating, but at the same time, it can save a lot of time and cost, because each time it is painted, it has to wait a day before continuing the next painting.

The face of the sex doll in the Lovesdolls store has been finely retouched. In order to pursue the most realistic face, the sex doll has been painted four times, like a real person, even more real than a real person.

Therefore, the same is a polymer material product, even if the material is the same, there is still a big gap between good and bad sex dolls. Just like a painting, there is still a gap between what an ordinary person paints and what an artist paints. The West likes to carve nude stone sculptures and paintings and call it art. A good sex doll with fine details can also be regarded as an art. Finally, I hope everyone can have a head sculpture that they like.

Another point is that the best sex dolls have the most realistic private parts design:

The best sex dolls have the most realistic pussy and anus and mouth.

Sex dolls have genitals, anus and oral, and can have intercourse in three places. The pubic shape is well imitated, with various wrinkles and granulation on the pubic wall inside. Coupled with the elasticity of silicone, it is very exciting. The anus is similar to the genitals, but the design is simpler. The inside of the doll’s mouth is just a hole, but the best sex doll you can choose to customize, for example, you can add an artificial tongue, the mouth of this doll is closer to the real person, and the mouth of this sex doll can even imitate real oral sex.

The private parts of the best sex dolls are designed based on the inverted model of the private parts of a real person. Usually the manufacturer signs a contract with a real person model. By filling the inverted rubber in the vagina, the black gold silicon process is adopted to non-destructively copy every detail texture inside and outside the vagina. Including small granular pores after hair removal; making molds, using virtual copying to build the finished product, a series of inverted mold operations, copying the internal structure of a real person’s vagina, the most realistic simulation of a real person’s vagina.

The private parts of the mini sex dolls in the lovesdolls store are designed in a variety of shapes, some imitating the structure of a little girl’s genitals, from the exterior to the interior are designed based on real human physiology;

For example, the vagina of some mini sex dolls of lovesdolls is designed to be a virgin vagina. This design meets the physical and psychological needs of many customers. This structure is mainly narrow in the lower part, and the lower end of the vagina opens to the vaginal vestibule.

In virgin mini sex dolls, there is hymen attached around the vaginal opening, which can be ring-shaped, half-moon-shaped, umbrella-shaped or sieve-shaped. The inner epithelium of the vagina is thin, less folds, and the vagina is more compact!

In addition, the private parts of some mini sex dolls in the lovesdolls store are designed according to the private parts of real models into the shape of the vagina of an adult young woman or a mature woman. The inside of the vagina is deep in caliber and wrapped in thick flesh.This kind of pubic appearance is more mature and sexy, making people produce unlimited Sexual desire.

Summary: The vaginal design of the best sex doll should have such an effect

When the penis just came in, the vaginal opening obviously felt swelling. During the process, the vagina felt a thick thing rubbing inside. The penis touched the vaginal wall and felt particularly irritating and comfortable; especially if the penis was large, the penis could feel back and forth scraping the vaginal wall more obviously.If the penis is long enough, the glans can feel the sensation of reaching the cervix, then the feeling is even more wonderful.

Finally: the best sex dolls have a variety of state-of-the-art features.

A: Built-in bones

The best sex doll has a built-in stainless steel alloy frame, which is light in weight and strong, with flexible joints. The doll has a built-in stainless steel frame, which can make various movements and poses. The fingers and ankles are all equipped with frames. A variety of difficult sex positions can be achieved.

B. Smart body temperature

The best sex doll has intelligent heating function; electric blanket heating principle, intelligent temperature control, safe and reliable, all parts of the body can reach 37 degrees real human body temperature, which is closer to the feeling of real people.

C. Intelligent voice

The best sex dolls are equipped with intelligent sound-producing devices; high-tech smart chips to achieve high-fidelity sound, using high-tech smart technology, through the smart chip sensor, emit undistorted sounds.

D. Smart vibration

The best sex dolls are generally equipped with an induction vibrator on the lower abdomen. This vibrator simulates the lower abdomen when a person has sex, so as to clamp the penis, greatly enhance the sexual experience and bring about orgasm.

What are the best brands of sex dolls?Recommend the following good brands to everyone:

Chinese sex doll

As the world’s largest producer of adult products, China has produced many sex dolls with cheap prices and average quality, but there are still serious sex doll manufacturers. Relying on China’s vast market and production capacity, we have made best sex dolls with reasonable price and high cost performance, and the quality is not inferior to European and American sex dolls.Here are some of the best sex doll brands to introduce to everyone

The first brand that is the best sex doll is LOVESDOLLS

LOVESDOLLS is really the best sex doll manufacturer in China. Exquisite face, meticulous body detail carving, humanized customization service, practicality and appearance are simply perfect. Many domestic sex dolls will also choose the best silicone sex dolls from LOVESDOLLS. Every day they ponder how to dress up, a lot of craftsmen and photographers have emerged. Not much to say, just put the picture!

Are the business pictures very exciting? Let’s take a look at the buyer’s show again, it’s just too much!

This is a buyer’s show! You can do it if you buy it!

In addition, the LOVESDOLLS custom system is also very well designed. You can freely customize the body shape, hair color, cup, eye color, makeup, nail art, etc., to create your unique wife.

LOVESDOLLS can be customized.

You can even customize the Milf type

In short, LOVESDOLLS’ best sex doll has too many good-looking pictures. I won’t put so many pictures due to space limitations. You can go and see by yourself, it’s really good-looking!

LOVESDOLLS silicone sex doll

Another best sex doll brand is WM DOLL

If LOVESDOLLS’ silicone sex dolls are more of a work of art, then WM DOLL is more practical. The WM DOLL sex doll is made of high-quality TPE material, which is well controlled in terms of oil and odor. The price is relatively cheap. The head carving level and body details are also excellent.

In addition, the WM DOLL family has also integrated technology into some strange places, and developed a sex doll with AI intelligent voice, which is similar to Siri and Xiao Ai. You can buy a sex doll at home and ask her how the weather is today. You can also add components such as voice sound and constant temperature heating, which is very practical.So this brand produces many of the best sex dolls


And the best sex doll is Foreign sex doll

As the originator of sex dolls, foreign sex doll brands have a deeper accumulation and have a deeper understanding of the details of sex dolls, which are the objects of study for many Chinese manufacturers. However, it is too expensive, and the price of ten to twenty thousand dollars is prohibitive. Japanese brands are more difficult to buy in China, but European and American brands have agents in China.

Another brand of the best sex doll is YW DOLL

The originator of Asian physical sex dolls, the teacher of LOVESDOLLS. It has been producing inflatable sex dolls since 1977, and gradually improved the craftsmanship, creating the current Japanese physical sex doll market. It is said that because he did so realistically, he was reported to be suspected of smuggling corpses several times during shipment and was searched by the police. However, the police also thought that the sex doll was done well, and ordered a special model from YW DOLL for crime scene restoration…

YW DOLL makes the doll so realistic, and of course it is also the best sex doll brand!

YW DOLL product history

The last recommended brand of the best sex doll is YL DOLL

The same European and American sex doll manufacturers have domestic agents and support private ordering. YL DOLL has also launched authorized real-life simulation models with many well-known porn stars in Europe and America. It is the most easily available high-end European and American sex doll that supports customization. The skin texture and detail processing level of European and American sex dolls are relatively high. If Asian sex dolls are pursuing dreams, then European and American sex dolls are a stimulating reality.

In addition, there are several male sex dolls for female users and LGBT customers to choose

male sex dolls

There are also models equipped with real AI. It can automatically control facial expressions and voices according to actions. Support VR and AR modes, let your five senses explode in all directions!

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