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What Is A Semi-solid Inflatable Sex Doll? The Difference Between A Semi-solid Sex Doll And A Solid Sex Doll



Inflatable sex dolls are a very popular adult product on the market. There are three types of inflatable sex dolls, semi-solid inflatable sex dolls and solid sex dolls. The so-called semi-solid inflatable sex doll means that the head, hands and feet are solid, and other parts still need to be inflated. Compared with solid sex dolls, although the price of semi-solid sex dolls is lower, the experience is not good, and it is not much different from full inflatable sex dolls. Let’s learn about the semi-solid inflatable sex doll.

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1. What is a semi-solid inflatable sex doll? The semi-solid sex doll is made of hard plastic for the head, hands and feet, and the others part is an inflatable balloon like a lifebuoy.

2. The difference between semi-solid sex doll and solid sex doll

Semi-solid sex dolls and full-solid sex dolls are completely different sex dolls. The so-called semi-solid sex dolls are actually inflatable sex dolls, except that the head, hands and feet are made of hard plastic. The others part is a balloon similar to a lifebuoy. The selling price of semi-solid sex dolls is not much different from that of inflatable sex dolls. The domestically produced products are generally below 100 dollars

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The solid sex doll is a completely different product, with metal bones inside; sponge muscles and simulated silicone skin. This solid sex doll product does not need to be inflated, and has a realistic appearance and is quite aesthetic. But at the same time the price is also very high. The prices of the products produced by the more famous solid sex doll manufacturers in Japan and the United States are generally tens of thousands of dollars, while the solid sex dolls produced in China are very cost-effective! Generally within a few thousand dollars..

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2. How to use semi-solid sex doll

(1) The role of inflatable sex dolls, although theoretically it seems to reduce the transmission of sexual diseases, if multiple people use the same inflatable sex doll and the disinfection is not strict, it will also be contagious. Therefore, it is recommended that you use “inflatable sex dolls” as your own exclusive use.

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(2) When using an inflatable sex doll, don’t fill it up to feel good-looking and comfortable. In this case, if the inflatable sex doll is stressed too much, it will easily cause the inflatable sex doll to burst. It is recommended to inflate to 80%.

(3) After using the inflatable sex doll, in order to keep the doll without hollowness, it is recommended to use an inflatable tube to suck out the gas in the body and compress it into a thin layer for the next use.

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