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What are the benefits of sex dolls? How to buy sex dolls?



What are the benefits of sex dolls? Sex dolls are an adult product that meets the needs of men and women. The use of sex dolls can solve the problem of sexual depression and the physiological needs of men and women without a partner. It is much safer to use sex dolls today when sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS are rampant. Sex dolls can also mediate the feelings between husband and wife and make family relationships more harmonious. So how to buy a sex doll? Let’s understand it together.

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One: What are the benefits of sex dolls? Sex dolls are mainly used to solve the physical problems of sexual depression and no sexual partners. Using sex dolls has the following advantages:

  1. Having sex dolls can effectively reduce the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

2. Relieve work pressure. Single men have a lot of work pressure. In particular, they lack the attention of women in their lives and are under tremendous pressure in their careers. Having sex dolls is the best way to effectively reduce stress.

3. Adjust life interests. Single males or married male couples are temporarily separated, and sex dolls can be used to adjust life interests and make ordinary life more colorful.

4. Reduce sex crimes. The imbalance of the male to female ratio makes more and more people unable to find a partner. Owning sex dolls can at least release some people’s sexual depression and reduce sexual crimes to a certain extent.

5. In the spirit of a conservation-minded society, most men who have girlfriends or married have to increase their expenses, buy things for their wives, and go shopping with their girlfriends, but men who want to be single only need a sex doll  who does not eat or drink can reduce this part of the expenditure.

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6. Make the family more harmonious. Single men are generally the heart of their parents. Single men become grumpy, which will inevitably bring some conflicts to the family, but if single men have sex dolls, they can make their mood more happy, reduce family conflicts, and life will also become more harmonious.

7. For single men who travel for a long time, it is necessary to travel with a sex doll. It is convenient and practical, can solve travel fatigue, is safer and healthier, and the possibility of derailment will naturally decrease.

8. Solve the sexual needs of the elderly. Especially when the living conditions are getting better and better, the mentality of the elderly needs to be solved, which also solves the huge social problem.

9. Single men owning sex dolls will have an effective impact on the sex service industry, nightclubs, bathing centers, etc. Under such a powerful impact, some social pressures can also be relieved.

10. Let the disabled lead a perfect life. People with disabilities only find true love in news and stories, and real life is often very difficult. Many people have to face life-long singles. If they have sex dolls, this is another solution.

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Two. How to buy sex dolls

1. Weight: The weight of an inflatable sex doll is not too heavy, mostly between 1 kg and 7 kg. A solid silicone sex doll will be very heavy, tens of kilograms, but the price is very high.

2. Need to be inflated: Inflatable sex dolls need to be inflated before they can be used. When not inflated, they are small in size and easy to carry. Therefore, inflatable sex dolls are equipped with pumps, of course, some inflatable sex dolls can also be blown by mouth.

3. Material: The skin of the inflatable sex doll is made of PVC material, so it will be thinner, but the thickness of each inflatable sex doll is different, and the price is also different.

4. Smell: The authentic sex doll has no special smell and no plastic smell. However, sex dolls of poor quality will have an unpleasant plastic smell. Therefore, when purchasing, ask the seller clearly, what is the quality of the product, whether there is any plastic smell, etc. The real brand of inflatable sex dolls will not have this problem.

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5. Price: The price is related to the weight, material, fine workmanship, and brand of the doll. Inflatable sex dolls in China cost 20 to 200 dollars, while inflatable sex dolls in Japan cost at least 300 dollars. If it is a solid silicone or TPE sex doll, the price is several thousand dollars. Therefore, the whole body solid silicone sex doll has not been accepted by most consumers in China.

6. Size: The size of the inflatable sex doll is not large. The head and breasts of high-end inflatable dolls are solid and three-dimensional, and do not need to be inflated, and there are palm and sole designs, but the body parts still need to be inflated.

7. Vital organs: Only private parts of inflatable sex dolls are made of soft silicone material. There are single-channel, double-channel, large single-channel and large double-channel.

8. Beware of being deceived: If you see some inflatable sex dolls on some websites that are very realistic and the price is around $100, you must be careful. Maybe the photos of inflatable sex dolls are replaced by photos of high-simulation solid Silicone or TPE sex dolls , to prevent inconsistencies between the purchased objects and the pictures. Because inflatable sex dolls cannot have such a realistic appearance due to material and cost constraints. The price of solid silicone sex dolls is in the thousands of dollars. Therefore, the seller claims to be a silicone sex doll, but only sells for a few hundred dollars, so you must protect yourself from being deceived.

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