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The Key Points Of Buying Physical Sex Dolls And The Identification Method Of Material Quality


You get what you pay for, the price of physical sex dolls is different, mainly due to the quality of the products, materials, and production processes.

Many users do not understand that sex dolls are sold at such a high price. In addition, many illegal businesses sail under false colors,and show the pictures of TPE or silicone sex dolls, but they actually sell inflatable dolls.Many people are deceived to the point. Many people are skeptical about the quality of sex dolls, so they are even more reluctant to understand why sex dolls are so expensive. So today the editor is here to decrypt:

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First: Material

The sex doll is made of TPE and silica gel. The high-quality dolls are elastic, soft in hardness, smooth and soft to the touch, white in color, smooth in surface skin, and realistic vision and touch.

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Second: smell

The genuine products have a light fragrance, some do not, almost tasteless.

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Third: function

Good quality sex dolls can be used repeatedly without problems. At the same time, high-quality sex dolls have a variety of functions to choose from. For example, sex dolls have voice functions, and intelligent voices can interact with users to increase the sense of reality and immersion.

Secondly, it has a heating function. This function is more important in some colder places. The heating function is that the sex doll body surface temperature reaches the humen being body temperature, which increases the comfort of use.

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Fouth: Health and Safety

TPE or silicone materials are generally environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and have no negative effects on the human body.

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Fifth: performance characteristics

High-quality sex dolls generally have the advantages of environmental protection, efficiency and tastelessness, high sanitation level, high transparency, anti-yellowing, non-toxic and tasteless, long service life, physiological inertia, and biological aging resistance.

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Sixth: Sophisticated head carving craftsmanship

A good head sculptor requires good production materials. Generally, high-quality head sculpts are made of silicone materials. The  silicone head sculpts have higher fidelity. With high-tech head sculptors and makeup artists, they can even make very realistic head sculpture.

It can even be realistic, just like the head of a real person. Secondly, the hair and eyebrows on a good head sculpture are implanted, so it has a very high level of realism. The eyes are all high-quality glass crystals, with high transparency, bright eyes and very energetic.

Seventh: price difference

Regular manufacturers have industry standards, you can refer to them in terms of price. Don’t think that you can buy high-quality sex dolls at a cheap price.

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It takes at least 4 to 5 days to make a sex doll, and some special orders require more time.

The reason why sex dolls are so expensive is that the production cost is high, and the production process is complicated. So there is still a big difference between a sex doll that costs about $2,000 and an inflatable doll that costs a few hundred dollars. It really costs you what you pay for!

At present, TPE soft rubber materials are increasingly widely used in the sex doll industry. Different manufacturers have different hardness and physical properties of the TPE materials used. For manufacturers of well-established adult products, this knowledge may be familiar. But for those who are new to or interested in the sex doll industry, they may not know much about this type of material because they have not known TPE before.

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Here is a brief explanation for the readers, how to distinguish with the naked eye whether the sex toys bought back are good materials or bad materials? How to distinguish between good and bad?

Eighth:Oil leakage test

Performance status: After a period of storage, it naturally leaks oil, rots, and emits a strong pungent odor.

Reason: unqualified raw materials, incorrect raw material ratio

It is normal for TPE to ooze oil. For example, oil will ooze after one month, but inferior TPE materials will ooze oil within a short period of time, such as within an hour, and emit a strong pungent smell. Then we need to pay attention at thisphenomenon! Another example, after one month of storage, toys made with unqualified TPE materials will rot.

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