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The difference between entity-body sex doll and inflatable sex doll



Many single men buy inflatable sex dolls in order to meet their physiological needs. There are two types of inflatable sex dolls on the market. One is ordinary dolls that require inflation, and the other is entity-body sex dolls that do not require inflation.

So when buying a sex doll, should I buy an inflatable sex doll or a physical sex doll? If the economy permits, of course the entity-body sex doll is better. It has a touch close to the real person, and the hands, feet and various joints are more flexible. But in general, inflatable sex dolls can also meet the sexual needs of users and feel comfortable. . Let’s understand the difference between entity-body sex dolls and inflatable sex dolls.

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1. Which is better entity-body sex doll or inflatable sex doll?

Inflatable sex dolls and entity-body sex dolls can be divided into male and female sex dolls, which are perfect substitutes that can meet the sexual needs of users. So, is an inflatable sex doll easy to use or an entity-body sex doll easy to use?

Inflatable sex doll:

As the name suggests, it is inflatable, that is, it is filled with air. It needs to be filled with an inflatable tool to look like a human, otherwise it is just a piece of skin. Therefore, the entire production materials are basically made of plastic and colloids with elastic functions. The weight of the inflatable sex doll is lighter, and it is easy to fill with air, no more than 2.5 kg.

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Inflatable sex dolls are generally made in the shape of a girl, with a 1:1 ratio of the girl’s body, and are equipped with a vagina, anus, and an open mouth, allowing men to put the penis in the hole, rubbing and producing sexual pleasure. Inflatable sex dolls can replace real people to make people satisfy orgasms. The inflatable sex doll is soft and elastic after inflating, and the skin is similar to that of a real girl. Moreover, it is easy to carry and clean, and can be used repeatedly.

sex doll

The entity-body sex doll is a perfect artwork:

It is the best and most realistic and outstanding sex product among masturbation devices. The entity-body sex doll is made of imported silica gel and TPE, which keeps the skin of the doll soft and smooth, can withstand 2.8 times the elongation, and can withstand temperature below 300 degrees. The softness of silicone makes the breasts of the entity-body sex doll closer to the real human body, and the vagina and anus are also soft, smooth and elastic. Because the entity-body sex doll is made of silicone material, its hands, feet and joints are more flexible, and it also greatly improves the durability of use.

In comparison, entity-body sex dolls are easier to use, but the price is more expensive, not most people can afford it. In general, inflatable sex dolls can also meet the sexual needs of users and feel comfortable.

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2. The difference between entity-body sex doll and inflatable sex doll

1. Price difference

The material used for inflatable sex dolls is basically plastic, the workmanship is simple, and it can be produced in batches. The cost is low and the price is cheap. The inflatable sex dolls are basically about 100 dollars each. The entity-body sex doll uses all medical grade silicone, or TPE, with high material cost and built-in metal bones;

Most of the head sculptures are hand-made and carved. The process is complicated and time-consuming, and the cost is high. So the unit price of silicone entity-body sex dolls is basically a few hundred to several thousand dollars. The entity-body sex dolls priced at about 100 dollars on the Internet are actually scams. The picture shows the entity-body sex dolls. The delivery is all inflatable sex dolls. Although it is cash on delivery, no one will be in front of the courier to disassemble the inflatable sex doll for inspection. The seller claims that the unconditional return of the goods is also foolish, and will shirk it for various reasons, such as unpacking, etc., or even directly refuse to communicate.

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2. Weight difference

Since the whole inflatable sex doll is formed by inflation, the weight is generally about 2kg, which is convenient to carry and use. The entity-body sex doll is composed of silicone and metal bones. The weight is a little lighter than the average real person. The entity-body sex doll with a height of 150cm is basically 30KG .

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3. The difference in details

The details of the inflatable sex doll are rough, the plastic smell is heavy, and the texture is hard and not realistic.

Entity-body sex dolls are mostly handmade, with realistic details and textures. They are usually carved by a master craftsman. The hairs are mostly implanted by hand. The eyeballs, joints, and skin textures are highly simulated.

sex doll

Since inflatable sex dolls have a low degree of simulation in appearance and modeling, and entity-body sex dolls have a high degree of simulation, many businesses have pirated entity-body sex dolls for publicity, and they actually sell inflatable sex dolls, which has caused many netizens to be deceived. Japanese entity-body sex dolls have the most realistic workmanship and the largest number of stolen pictures. As long as you keep your eyes open, distinguish the dolls from the price, weight, and details, and choose a guaranteed channel to buy, you will not be deceived, and don’t look at the dolls too much according to the pictures. All are subject to the actual product. .

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