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The Definitive Guide: How To Make Sex Dolls?

Otakus all want to buy a sex doll to soothe their lonely heart. The more realistic the sex doll, the more expensive it is. This makes the boy who has no money how to spend the long night, I can’t help but feel a little pain! Haha! Let me tell you the sex doll manufacturing process.

By Oswald

Starting from the construction of the silicone mold, a sex doll takes about 80 hours to make. The nails and nipples are shaped and colored, and then the hair is made. Then the makeup artist will complete the facial makeup according to the customer’s needs. Afterwards, these dolls will put on clothes, pack them into boxes, and ship them all over the world. The standard real doll includes 18 female figures and two male figures, with five skin tones and 39 facial makeup, as well as transgender bodies.
But you must know that lovesdolls does high-end customization. They can customize production according to the specific needs of customers. These requirements include the race, gender, body shape, hip circumference, bust, head shape, skin, hair color, hairstyle, eyes, and lips , Even the nails and other details, after the doll prototype is made, it has to go through the process of makeup, manicure, and matching clothes.

Some customers often have to wait for several months for delivery because of too much demand. It takes 80 hours of manpower to make such a simulation doll, so it is still very hard. The editor recommends you to be a sex toy trialler.

But when you have sex with a doll
Have you thought of how sex doll was made?

How To Make Sex Dolls?

Let’s take a look at how these “girls” are made!

Step 1. Colour Modulation and Mold Making

Add toner powder to the silica gel and stir, then pour it into the mold.

How To Make Sex Dolls? How To Make Sex Dolls?

Yellow, red, white, black, whatever color you want.

How To Make Sex Dolls? How To Make Sex Dolls?  

Pure the silica gel and stir in to the mold. This is the internal part of the “girls”.

How To Make Sex Dolls? How To Make Sex Dolls? 

The entire of the body is shaped and Molded

How To Make Sex Dolls?

Use large molds to mold, at this time real people begin to appear.

Nead, pull, pinch.

Create a more perfect image.

Detail processing-cut nails.

Trim excess skin tissue.

 Part of the body tissue will be made separately, and then “assembled and fit”, like the breast room with mosaic in the picture.

In addition to the airplane cup, the vagina will also have the shape of the labia;The vagina part can be integrated or made separable.

 The nipple part is also glued on separately~

Ahem, what is this… Women’s forest.

Different postures are different.

The lips, teeth, and eyes of the face are placed separately.

Semi-finished product (a bit scared)

With the addition of eyeballs and false eyelashes, the whole face is vivid.

Assemble all the accessories together and you are ready to box!


   A good quality doll can cost thousands of dollars, or expensive-hundreds of thousands.

 How does this make a boy without money spend the long night…



Let’s take a look at how these “girls” are made!

Process tones

Add toner powder to the silica gel and stir, then pour it into the mold.

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