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Technical Articles-How To Repair Damaged Sex Dolls


Sex dolls are a beautiful thing. They are made by molds. Because of the alloy welded skeleton inside, the sex dolls can bear it even if the owner swings more vigorously.But with the passage of time, the skin of sex dolls or TPE materials will inevitably be damaged. Except for some damages that are irreparable, ordinary scratches can be repaired. But the premise is that you have a sufficient understanding of the repair methods, you can repair these damages.

One type of damage that sex dolls may suffer is dents caused by impact, or tears caused by excessive pulling. In addition, if it is not stored properly, it will cause other damage to the doll. Don’t worry too much about this damage, because it only takes a few steps to repair the doll.

If you want to repair a sex doll better, one tool you need is an infrared thermometer. This tool is very useful because it provides real-time temperature feedback during repair. You must know that TPE is an extremely temperature-sensitive material.

Hot towel compress, this simple repair process only needs a warm towel to cover the visible dents on the doll in a short time. Once the damaged part becomes hot, put on gloves and pat the damaged area with your hands, alternating these steps until the dents are no longer visible.

Hair dryer heating

The hair dryer is not only useful for blowing our hair, although most of us think that this tool is only used to dry wet hair, in fact, it is also an excellent tool for repairing sex dolls. What this method requires is a clean wet towel.

To avoid staining the doll, use a white towel as much as possible, cover the dent with a wet towel, and heat it with a hair dryer. After continuous heating, the dents will gradually heal. In addition to repairing the indentation damage of a sex doll, another common damage that a sex doll may suffer is abrasions and tears. The following methods can be used to repair this type of damage.

Use TPE glue

After finding the torn place, use a pointed tool to apply a small amount of TPE glue. Then, evenly spread TPE glue on both sides of the tear, close the two sides of the tear, and keep it for a few minutes until it is completely glued and closed. Before applying glue, make sure that the damaged area is completely clean. You can use 70% ethylene propanol cleaning solvent for this cleaning.

Another methord is to use a spatula to spread the TPE glue evenly on the inside of the tear. Avoid putting too much TPE glue on the spatula, as it will cause too much glue to spread to the skin of the doll. After sealing the tear, wipe off the excess glue with a clean cloth. Avoid removing the glue with your fingers, as this will cause unnecessary marks on the doll. Finally, leave the doll alone for a period of time.

Use a heat gun

How to deal with the scratches on the surface of the sex doll? The first thing is to clean the damaged surface of the doll with petroleum jelly or baby oil. In addition to cleaning, they can also make the heat distribution more even. After applying baby oil or petroleum jelly, start aiming the heat gun at the damaged area.

Pay attention to the distance between the hot air gun and the skin of the doll. Do not put the gun too close to the doll, otherwise it will cause serious burns to the surface material. Keep the distance at least 10cm. The melting point of the TPE doll is about 110°C. Once it starts to melt, you will see a glaze-like surface, and when it stops depending on the change from heating.

After heating to a suitable temperature, take a clean cloth and gently wipe the irregular scratches on the surface of the doll. After repeated heating and cooling several times, the damaged part will become smooth. It is worth noting that the temperature of the heating surface will drop very quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the abrasions as soon as possible after stopping using the heat gun.

Fix facial cracks in sex dolls

You can use the similar process mentioned above to repair the facial incision on the TPE sex doll. However, you need practice to repair the sex doll perfectly. You need the right tools and methods to repair the small cuts on the TPE doll, and the best way to repair the sex doll.

 It is not difficult to repair the general damage of a sex doll. It requires more personal care and correct repair methods and tools. The repair work can also be completed through the remote guidance of the merchant.

Usually there is glue for repairing in the accessory bag that comes with the sex doll, so how to repair the sex doll? Which repair methods are more concerned by many dolls’owner , the following lovesdolls sex dolls to explain to you.

 For repairing the wounds of sex dolls, silicone material is more convenient. Treat the wounds cleanly, without dust and water, then apply glue to the wound, kneading the wound, and wait for a few hours. It’s normal for the surface will be a little scarred.  and you should also pay attention to this area in the future and try not to stretch it too much.

Because the sex doll made of tpe material is made with a high-temperature production process, the TPE repair glue and silicone repair glue are not universal,and the repair methods are different. The repair glue of TPE material will have a decomposing effect on the tpe material.

Therefore, press the wound immediately after applying the patching glue to the wound. A little slower, the wound will become bigger and bigger. The manufacturer’s easy maintenance is relatively simple. It is to use tools such as channel heat guns to take a piece of material that matches the size of the wound from the leftover material and apply it to the wound.Use a heat gun to heat the wound to melt the material and the wound. You can smooth the wound with a small spatula, there is almost no scar; It looks simple, but it requires a high level of skill.For the dolls purchased at Lovesdolls shop, we can provide scraps, and you can contact us to get them if you need to repair them.

The damage of sex dolls is almost always due to the large range of movement of the limbs, or the contact with sharp and hard objects, so pay attention to this aspect.

Lovesdolls sex dolls are made of silicone or TPE, and the high-simulation dolls also have a built-in stainless steel alloy frame, so they will not be easily damaged except for deliberate damage. If the silicone is accidentally scratched by sharp tools such as knives, scissors, it does not matter, you can use the silicone adhesive in the accessories to repair it yourself.

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