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SKYN 2021 American Sex and Intimacy Survey Report


“2021 SKYN Sex and Intimacy Survey” The state of sex and interpersonal relationships in the United States during the covid-19 epidemic, and the various changes that have occurred.

The survey report shows:

During the epidemic, the younger generation in the United States had more frequent sexual intimacy, and they were more willing to make new attempts:

● Despite increased anxiety, 39% of the respondents felt that their sexual desires have increased significantly.

● In the life of both sexes, the proportion of having orgasms has increased significantly. Nearly half (47%) of the respondents said that they would get two or more orgasms during one sex.

● 38% of the interviewees said: They are more excited about the intimacy between the sexes and are more willing to try different postures.

● Nearly half (49%) of the respondents watched more pornographic videos.

Love and social activities:

● Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more than a quarter (29%) of respondents have found a new lover.

● When starting a new relationship, 78% of respondents have maintained social distancing during the first three dates.

● 78% of people who started a new relationship during the pandemic also ended their relationship.

● 69% of the respondents who found a new lover believe that the epidemic has helped confirm the relationship.

● 41% of respondents said that since the beginning of the epidemic, friends have become more friendly.

Method of the survey: This survey was conducted during the 2021 epidemic, using e-mail invitations and online surveys to conduct a questionnaire survey of 2,000 American adults between the ages of 18 and 39.

The following is the report details:

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