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Selection And Quality Identification Of Sex Toys Materials

TPE soft rubber materials are increasingly widely used in the sex toys industry. Products with different functions require different hardness and physical properties of TPE materials.

1. What are the main materials of sex toys?

In terms of material requirements, the material of sex toys should have good tensile elongation, soft and comfortable to the touch, because it touch with the human body and the skin, it must be non-toxic, odorless, and have no allergies or side effects to human skin.

Generally, high-end sex toys use SEBS as the basic material. SEBS is the hydrogenation product of SBS. SBS is made by block copolymerization of styrene and butadiene. SEBS modified TPE can achieve various required softness, so TPE will be made into materials with different hardness according to different needs.

TPE sex toys special soft and hard TPE material, the hardness is 0 degrees, 3 degrees, 5 degrees, 8 degrees, 10 degrees, 15 degrees and so on. The hardness of TPE is mainly related to the molecular weight of SEBS, the amount of oil filling, and the content of PP.

(1)TPE 10~15 degree material

It is generally used in the production of female dildos. For thicker or solid products, transparent TPE (based on SEBS) or TPR (based on SBS) with a hardness of generally 10-15 degrees. The cost of SBS base material TPR is lower than SEBS base material TPE, but TPR material sex toys are more likely to change color, and have poor touch and stretch properties; hollow or thinner TPE  products usually have a hardness of 0~5A (even lower than 0A), and the processing method is injection molding.

(2)TPE 0 to 10 degrees material

Generally used in the production of female vibrating rings, bows and other sex toys accessories. The vibrating ring needs TPE with a hardness of about 5 degrees, which requires high transparency and tensile strength. The background color depends on different manufacturers. Generally, the base material uses SEBS or SEEPS as the base, and the processing method is injection molding.

(3) TPE materials with hardness below 0

TPE materials with hardness below 0 (such as 00/000 or expressed by C, C is the hardness unit for measuring the hardness of ultra-soft materials below A0 degrees Shore hardness), used to produce male toys, such asmale masturbator, masturbation cup, etc. The molding process can be Choose perfusion, injection molding and other methods.

(4)TPE super soft material

At present, sex toy manufacturers have relatively high requirements for transparency of TPE materials, and the background color of the materials is required to be transparent and not yellow. There are two main factors affecting the transparency of TPE raw materials. One is the choice of the origin and grade of the SEBS substrate. Generally, the transparency of imported SEBS substrate TPE will be better than that of domestic products.

The second is the injection temperature of the super soft TPE material during processing. Sometimes the low injection temperature will affect the transparency of the product, especially for high molecular weight SEBS modified TPE.

2. How to distinguish the quality of sex toys?

When buying adult products, how can the naked eye distinguish what material it is? How do you think the sex toys you bought back are good materials? How to distinguish between good and bad?

1 Oil leakage test

Performance status: After a period of storage, it naturally leaks oil, rots, and emits a strong pungent odor.

Reason: unqualified raw materials, wrong raw material ratio. It is normal for TPE to ooze oil. For example, oil will ooze after one month, but inferior TPE materials will ooze oil within a short period of time, such as within an hour, and emit a strong pungent smell. Then we need to pay attention at this time! For example, after one month of storage, toys made with unqualified TPE materials will rot.

(2)Burning test

Performance status: It burns as soon as it is ignited, emitting black smoke.

Reason: Toxic substances such as plasticizers are added.

High-quality materials are not easy to burn, and there is no burnt mark on the surface after being ignited. Inferior material TPE is easier to ignite because of the addition of a large amount of plasticizer, and emit pungent plastic black smoke. After being extinguished, the scorched area will become black and emit a pungent smell, which is caused by inferior TPE materials. This is for reference only. It does not mean that scorched products must be unqualified. Many qualified products will also have this condition.

(3) Weak acid test

Performance status: PH test paper is red

Reason: Adding toxic plasticizers such as phthalic acid or phthalic acid, the PH value becomes strong acidity, and the pH value of high-quality toys is 4-5 and weakly acidic.

The inferior and high-quality materials were mashed and put into a container respectively. After being soaked in weakly acidic purified water for three days, tested with PH paper, it was found that the high-quality materials were still weakly acidic, and the pH test paper was yellow-green, weakly acidic, which was consistent with the human body’s PH value. .

Inferior materials are added with phthalic acid, a carcinogenic additive. After the sample materials are soaked in pure water for three days, the pH of the pure water is tested. The pH test paper of the inferior products is red, which is highly acidic, which causes great harm to the human body.

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