Flat Chest Sex Doll

Do you want to know flat chest sex doll price? Well, we have a lot of realistic and beautiful small-breasted love dolls. Lovesdolls can provide you with flat chested sex dolls of any style or race you like. Do you want black flat chested love dolls? How about flat-chested Japanese anime sex dolls? Or sex dolls of European and American flat-chested models, no matter what you want, we can provide them.

Just browse our collection of flat-chested sex dolls and you will see all kinds of women. You can even customize a small breast sex doll by choosing her hair color, hairstyle, eye color, height, public hair, body-color, vagina type, etc.

When you insert your erect penis into the vagina of a flat-chested doll, you will feel like you are forcing a real petite woman to fuck with you. Only one investment is needed, this kind of pleasure will make you unforgettable for a lifetime.

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Buyer’s Guide About Flat Chest Sex Doll

Do you like women with small breasts or flat breasts?

Many men prefer women with small breasts or flat breasts. Do you know the advantages of small breasts or flat breasts sex doll?

  1. Flat sex dolls must weigh no more than 50kg, and they are very light to hold.

Boys may have made up for an action, that is, to arms carry the girls they like. I heard that the weight of the flat-breasted girl is less than 50kg, so it is very easy to hold. Big breasts? Can’t hold it!

Most of Lovesdolls’ small-chested flat chested dolls are relatively light. You can easily carry them in your arms. You can hold her in circles and imagine what a lovely scene!

  1. Flat chested love dolls look good in any clothes.

I didn’t make up this sentence. From the perspective of ordinary people’s aesthetic level, flat-chested girls can be cute or handsome. If they are not flat, such as small breasts, they are also sexy. Especially the girl with a flat chest wears her boyfriend’s shirt, which is even more exciting. And big-breasted girls don’t look good in shirts.

Some of Lovesdolls’ small-chested flat chested love dolls are very cute, while others are very handsome! They can wear cute cosplay costumes to show the shyness of cute girls and make people feel love and affection! You can also wear handsome men’s outfits, without being pretentious, giving people a cool feeling!

  1. Hug with a girl with a flat chest, the distance between the heart and the heart is closer.

When holding my girlfriend, I can feel her heartbeat. It makes me feel very caring, warm and safe. One of the most common words on the lips of colleagues in the studio is the one of Louis Buhler (assuming this person): “The flat chest close to the hearts.”

If you don’t have a flat-chested girlfriend to hug, then you can hug Lovesdolls’ small-chested flat-chested sex doll, just like embracing your little cutie in your arms, she is like your first love, giving you the feeling of first love.

  1. Flat chested mini sex dolls are all pretty.

It’s not that big-breasted girls are not good-looking, but flat-breasted girls who can be liked by boys must be beautiful. If you choose between face and breast, 99% of boys will definitely choose breasts, and the remaining 1% is just hypocritical. I don’t believe those who say they like flat-breasted girls, but because of their beautiful faces, it makes sense to like flat-breasted girls. Lovesdolls’ small-chested flat-chested sex dolls have an angel-like beauty! Their facial features are exquisite, whether they are sex dolls with European and American faces or sex dolls with Asian faces, Lovesdolls’s sex dolls are designed according to international standards; among them, there are many celebrity beauties, including mature and charming faces of young women, as well as girls’ exquisite faces. All of them can satisfy your needs for any face!

  1. Small flat chested sex dolls are very economical.

I heard that a piece of underwear costs hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars. Isn’t Victoria’s Secret expensive? The price of one square meter of underwear is more expensive than the price of one square meter of house. It makes no difference whether flat-chested girls wear underwear or not, which saves money. Find a flat-breasted girl to fall in love and earn a house in three to five years. Hahaha, of course, this is a joke to everyone, if you buy Lovesdolls’ small-breasted flat-breasted sex doll, then you can save money on underwear, flat breasts basically don’t need to wear a bra, The small-breasted sex doll can choose to wear a bra or not!

How to store sex dolls? Here are a few ways to recommend.

  1. Lying flat:

There is only one important point when placing the doll flat, that is, you can’t lie on a “hard surface”. Whether you let the doll lie on the bed, the storage box, or even the floor, remember to add a soft cushion under the doll’s body It can be a quilt, a pillow, a cushion, etc.) so as to prevent the doll’s back curve (especially the buttocks) from being squeezed by its own weight for a long time, causing it to be deformed and squashed, especially for a doll made of tpe. Once the body is deformed, it will never be able to rebound, please pay special attention to it.

It is recommended to lay the doll on its back. You can buy a “slow rebound sponge”, which is commonly known as a “memory sponge”, which can be bought in large shopping malls or bedding stores. The way to save money is to add a pillow to the doll’s waist and behind the thighs so that the doll’s buttocks can be “overhead” by the pillow so that the buttocks will not be deformed for a long time.

  1. Hanging:

Hanging is a very good way to store sex dolls because any side of the body will not be squeezed by the weight of the doll when the doll is hanging; if there is a closet, hanger or other types with strong bearing capacity in the home; For the shelf, you can consider hanging the dolls. The hanging methods of dolls of different brands may be slightly different. It is recommended to consult the customer service of the manufacturer in advance to avoid damage.It is recommended that if the above conditions are not available at home, it is recommended to buy a pulley hanger to hang your own doll. There is also a customized version, you can search for it yourself.

The storage method that must not be used-standing or sitting!

  1. Standing:

Letting the doll stand in a corner of the house is a storage method that many people who do not understand 1:1 simulation silicone dolls often think of. Here I want to remind everyone that in fact, most silicone and TPE dolls are ” “Can’t stand”, even the dolls of relatively high-end brands, manufacturers will especially emphasize “can only stand for a short time.” The standing function developed by the Japanese sex doll factory is actually designed to meet the needs of dolls’ owners to take photos and poses, not to solve the storage problem.Please pay attention to everyone here! The raw materials of tpe dolls are very soft. When the doll is standing, the weight of the doll will directly fall on the sole of the foot, so it is very easy to cause the sole of the foot to tear, and even the metal frame pierces the outside of the sole of the foot. So I suggest that it is best not to try to “stand for a short time”, otherwise the damage to the soles of the doll’s feet will not be worth the loss!

  1. Sitting posture:

Let the doll sit on the sofa for a long time. This may be a direct idea of the dolls’ owner who don’t know silicone dolls or tpe dolls.They think that there is always no problem with the doll sitting on a soft sofa, right? Here I want to tell you that this is also a very wrong storage method, because when the doll stays in a sitting position for a long time, it will cause his hips to crack due to the weight of the upper body and the squeeze of the thigh meat for a long time. If you keep the doll in a sitting position, Please be sure to limit it to 1-2 days. After sitting for 1-2 days, please be sure to return to the lying or hanging state to ensure that the doll’s body does not receive any pressure.

Dust problem

No matter which storage method is used, the dustproof work must be done well. Usually, the doll should be covered with a cloth, quilt or blanket which will never fade. So that the body of the doll can reduce the chance of sticking to the hair and dust. It will be a lot easier during regular maintenance and cleaning time.

Precautions for the storage of sex dolls:


  1. Do not stand up for long-term storage of the doll. It is best to store it flat, wash and powder before storage.
  2. Do not wear dark clothes when storing, to avoid dyeing the dolls and difficult to clean.
  3. Avoid being squeezed during storage, as prolonged squeezing will cause the doll to deform.
  4. Avoid storing in dusty places. The surface of silica gel is prone to stickiness and static electricity, and it is easy to be contaminated with dust.