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Welcome to our big boobs sex doll for sale series. It is a collection of big breast adult dolls made of the best silicone or TPE materials. These materials are medical-grade quality, which means you will not have any allergic reactions to them. So don’t be afraid to bury your face in these huge breasts, because you will be completely safe. As for the skeleton of the big tit sex doll, it is made of super-strong stainless steel material. It feels almost as strong as a real skeleton. At the same time, you can bend the arms and legs of the huge breasted sex doll at will. Inserting your big dick into the cleavage of the doll’s big chest can easily realize your wildest sexual fantasies.

Don’t wait for the perfect woman to appear in real life. If you dream of a sexy woman with huge breasts in reality, you have a chance to get it now. Then, you can have sex with the big boobs sex doll at will according to your own wishes and methods.

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What is the meaning of big and beautiful breasts?

Big breast sex dolls refer to sex dolls with larger breasts, which are mature and sexy like real milf women!

168cm(5.51ft) Hot European Girl Sex Doll With Petty Face Super Plump Body Huge Booty And Big Breasts Wear Sexy Bikini That Seduce Men LOVESDOLLS-112

Large Breast Sex Dolls

Big boobs dolls make men unable to hold on to themselves, beautiful big-breasted sex dolls make men spurt, and women with flat breasts tend not to make men feel impulsive. For women, the size of the breasts will directly reflect their self-confidence, because the breasts will make the overall body of women more perfect, an indispensable part of the perfect curve body, and will attract more men and become everyone’s focus.

161cm(5.28ft) Super Hot Asian Korean Sex Doll Wear Sexy Bikini With Big White Breast LOVESDOLLS-2

Big Boobs Love Doll

Women with healthy and beautiful breasts are more attractive to men. Among women’s body parts, the breast is the place where men pay attention first and for the longest time. In addition, paying attention to women’s breasts for a few minutes a day can improve men’s health and even prolong life for 4 to 5 years.


So what are the characteristics of real breasts:


(1)The breasts are obviously enlarged during sexual excitement.

When a woman is sexually excited, the breasts are fully erected, the superficial veins of the breasts are more clearly visible due to hyperemia, and the nipples are enlarged. The breasts of women who are not breast-feeding can grow up to 25% of their original volume.

161cm(5.28ft) Super Hot Asian Korean Sex Doll Wear Sexy Bikini With Big White Breast LOVESDOLLS-2

Real Doll Huge Boobs

The breast enlargement of women with breastfeeding experience is not obvious, but the flushing caused by breast congestion can be seen. A sufficient erectile response can increase the length of the nipple compared to before it was stimulated, generally by 0.5-1 cm, and the response can also increase the diameter of the nipple base by 0.25-0.5 cm.

(2)The left breast is usually bigger

No two breasts are exactly the same. Women’s left breasts are usually larger than their right breasts. But this difference is so subtle that it won’t attract people’s attention. The direction of the nipple is usually also different.

172cm Chinese Milf Sex Dolls Big Breast Super Chubby & Big Ass Adult Love Dolls-YW-001

Extra Large Breast Sex Doll

(3)The breasts are the most attractive to men

According to a survey conducted by Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, the breast is the place where men pay first attention and have been concerned for the longest time. Another survey indicated that paying attention to women’s breasts for a few minutes a day can improve men’s health and even prolong life for 4-5 years.

160cm(5.25ft) Where To Buy Sex Dolls With Big Sex Doll Booty~245

(4)The average weight of the breast is 0.5 kg

The average breast weight is about 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg). On average, each breast of women accounts for 4%-5% of body fat and 1% of total body weight.


(5)British women have the biggest breasts

The survey shows that British women have the largest breasts in Europe. In the UK, more than half of women wear D cups, followed by Denmark.

160cm(5.25ft) Big Breast Beautiful Sex Doll~241

There is no doubt that men like women with big breasts. Shouldn’t women have an S-shaped figure? If the chest is flat like an airport, can it still be made into an “S” shape? A woman who has no curves body at all is in vain no matter how slim. Anyway, I pay the most attention to whether women are sexy, and the most important criterion for sexy is whether the breasts are full enough.

Lovesdols’ big breast sex dolls are a kind of sexual intercourse tool that highly imitates real people, they have the most perfect breast design. It has the following characteristics:


(1) Real dolls at has the most ideal breasts: plump and upright

According to the research of cosmetic medical experts, it is concluded that the ideal breast should be plump, straight, firm, and elastic, which matches the woman’s own figure; the hemispherical shape is the best, and the skin of the breast is moist and elastic, and the color is the same as the skin tone of the whole body


Plastic surgeons used data to describe the most ideal breast appearance: the distance between the two breasts is greater than 20 cm; the diameter of the basal surface of the breast is 10-12 cm, and the height from the basal surface to the nipple is 5-6 cm; the breast is tall and straight. The ring difference is 17-20 cm; the two nipples and the sternum notch form an equilateral triangle.

In addition, the size of the nipple and areola is also particular. The proper size of the areola largely determines the appearance. In most beautiful breasts, both the ratio of nipple: areola and areola: breast are 1:3. And as the age increases, the proportion of areola will also increase.

The breast design of Lovesdols’ big breast sex doll is designed and made based on the theoretical data of plastic surgery experts! The golden ratio is very beautiful and sexy! At the same time, the inside of our sex doll’s chest is filled with jelly glue. This jelly glue has the touch of a real breast, soft and smooth, and very realistic!

The treatment of the breast surface is also very meticulous, and the lines on the surface can be clearly seen. The cyan blood vessels can be clearly seen, just like the blood vessels of a real person; the treatment of the nipple and areola is very meticulous, and the small bumps on the areola can be clearly seen. The color of the areola is also very lifelike, and some are designed as a girl’s powder. Tender areolas, some mature women will have dark areolas, in short, they are very lifelike!


(2) Lovesdols’ big breasted sex has the most real sense of touch and vision:

Everyone knows that inflatable dolls are inflatable, which is not realistic at all, but Lovesdols’s big breasted dolls are different. Its interior is not inflatable but solid, mostly made of non-toxic and tasteless silicone or TPE.

The current TPE silicone big breasted doll has a very high simulation skin, its material is non-toxic and tasteless, it is very layered, has a high durability, and feels almost the same as a real person. lovesdolls TPE silicone sex doll with big breasts is also dustproof and easy to clean. The TPE silicone big breasted doll has a delicate skin tone and is no different from a real person, and the hand feels closer to the real skin.


(3)The lovesdols big breast sex doll has the most advanced skeleton:

The joints of the lovesdols big breast sex doll are made of polymer synthetic resin materials, and there are mechanical brackets inside. The overall frame is made of alloy stainless steel; at the same time, the overall frame design adopts yoga design, which is the most advanced frame design on the market. ! It can change all kinds of sex positions you want, so that you can have a more comfortable experience during sex. Lovesdols’ sex doll, you can play with it as you want. You can treat it as a sexy, charming, beautiful, and considerate little lover.


(4)The lovesdolls big breast sex doll has the latest technology:

Lovesdols dolls have an automatic heating design, which can heat the vagina and breasts to a temperature similar to the temperature of the real human body at 37℃, making it closer to the feeling of real people; you can also use the overall heating method to heat the entire sex doll to human body temperature!

At the same time, Lovesdols’s sex doll has a vibration sensor on the lower abdomen of the silicone big breasted doll in order to be closer to the real person. It can feel your limbs 100%, and then cooperate with your penis to achieve the greatest stimulation to the penis! Make you cool!

Finally, our big breasted sex doll is equipped with the most advanced language pronunciation chip, which will follow the frequency and amplitude of your movements and emit corresponding passionate sounds, just like having sex with a real person!


(5)Lovesdolls doll making materials:

At present, lovesdolls sex doll is made of silicone, or TPE material, or a combination of both! Then it has the unique characteristics of the material, which is water resistant, ozone resistant, aging resistant, not easy to corrode, and non-toxic odorless, chemically stable, long-term storage at high and low temperatures!

Buying sex dolls from the lovesdolls store, you can buy high-quality, multi-functional, and most beautiful sex dolls. We will promise to guarantee the quality and let you buy the most cost-effective sex dolls! She will let you enjoy the best sex! Have fun with her!