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Do you like sexy Asian women? If you like, then you have come to the right place. Lovesdolls can provide you with the most realistic Asian sex doll on the Internet. Whether you are fantasizing about having sex with a Japanese mature woman or having sex with a sexy Chinese girl, a Korean beauty, or a Thai schoolgirl, we have the most beautiful erotic dolls to make your sexual fantasies come true (TPE and silicone materials are provided ). We designed loves dolls for men to provide the most exciting and satisfying sexual experience. Their entire body structure ratio is designed in golden ratio, providing you with fun from all angles.

Do you have an ideal type of unique realistic Asian sex doll? If so, then Lovesdolls allows you to create your own custom Asian sex dolls online. You will be able to choose its hairstyle, eye color, bust, etc.

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Do you like Asian girls?

In fact, Asian girls are very beautiful! Asian girls usually have wheatish white skin, big eyes, nose, small mouth, an oval face, well-proportioned, thin body. The face of Asian beauties is relatively smooth and soft, not too aggressive, and full of a feminine atmosphere. For example, the stars of Japan and South Korea, Kim Tae Hee, Lee Young Ae, Song Hye Kyo, Han Jiaren, Han Ye Seul, Lim Yoona, Son Ye Jin, Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Yoo Jin, Kim Hee Sun are all very beautiful girls;

158cm(5.18ft) Japanese Flat Sex Doll Photo

Another example is the Japanese Porn star Hatano Yui. Everyone calls her sister Pada. Her glamorous appearance, fair skin, slender waist and slender thighs, I believe many boys will like her very much. And Saori Hara (Matsunoi Miyavi) is very sexy. Because her grandfather is German, she is also very good-looking. She has a cold appearance, but she is very gentle when speaking. There are a lot of people like her in this contrast. Another example is Ohashi Miku, she is very cute, and her skin is very fair, she can be called the perfect goddess in the heart of an otaku.

145cm(4.76ft) Japanese Wish Sex Doll

Our lovesdolls realistic Asian sex dolls are made based on the most beautiful women in Asia. The lovesdolls real doll Asian have fair skin, big eyes, raised nose, small mouth, oval face, well-proportioned body and slim. Similarly, we also made young Asian sex dolls that look the same based on star actresses, such as Hatano Yui sex dolls, Hara Saori sex dolls, Ohashi Miku sex dolls, etc., so that dolls’ friends can experience the experience of making love with star actresses. Realize your dream wish!

168cm(5.51ft) Hot Sexy Real Sex Dolls With Petty Japanese Face And Big Soft Breasts LOVESDOLLS-132

Europeans and Americans pursue sharp facial edges and bones, and advocate wheat-colored skin, which looks healthy and full of vitality. There are obvious freckles on the face, which looks lovely to them. Europeans and Americans have big and three-dimensional facial features, and European and American aesthetics pursue sexy and full lips. However, the contours of the face are clear, and the delicate lips are more suitable for Asians. Lovesdolls Asian sex dolls also have M-shaped lips, smiling lips, and pouting lips. These characteristics will make the lips look pure and sexy, and will also appear more affinity.

168cm(5.51ft) Best Asian Sex Doll With Petty Face And Girls' Nipples Wear Sexy Sling Skirt LOVESDOLLS-115

Lovesdolls’ Asian sex dolls have a lot of beauties, especially the “net celebrity face” that looks like an assembly line now. Under the aesthetics of many net celebrities, the facial features are natural and harmonious, and the beauties that retain their own characteristics are even more memorable.

165cm(5.41ft) Asian Realistic Sex Doll With Pretty Sexy Figure And Pink Pussy WM DOLL-91

Lovesdolls’s Asian sex dolls look younger, especially their faces. Lovesdolls’s Asian sex dolls have a rounder and fuller face than Europeans and Americans, and will not look older. This is what we call baby faces;The Asian sex doll girls from Lovesdolls are also petite and exquisite. They are generally slim and thin. Some of their breasts are plump and some are relatively small. You can choose according to your preferences;

165cm(5.41ft) Best Sex Dolls Of Asian Milf With Super Tempting Figure Wear Dress And Stockings WM DOLL-82

Among them, there are bumpy and curvilinear figures, some are as obvious as Westerners, and some are not obvious; Lovesdolls Asian sex dolls have an advantage in terms of facial roundness, they are more girlish, Lovesdolls Asian sex dolls are more cute.

156cm(5.12ft) Small Tits Sex Doll

The face of Lovesdolls Asian sex dolls is relatively flat, and the cheekbones are less than the base of the nose when viewed from the side. Even if the mandible line is clear, it is more insensitive, and the nose and wings are rounded and blunt, and more affinity. In terms of face shape, Lovesdolls Asian sex dolls have rounded contour lines that are more youthful, so they are more girlish; Lovesdolls Asian sex dolls naturally tend to be cute, feminine and coquettish. For example, Lovesdolls’ Japanese sex doll girls feel quiet, polite, and submissive; Lovesdolls’ Chinese sex dolls are confident, strict, and sometimes even somewhat manly, similar in character to American girls, or even less obedient.

Lovesdolls Asian sex doll has straight and smooth hair! The skins of our Lovesdolls Asian sex dolls have been specially treated, and they all have perfect skins! Smooth and delicate!

Asian sex doll repair method

 In the process of using Asian sex dolls, careless maintenance often causes permanent damage to the dolls. Silicone or TPE is relatively soft, and the weight of the doll is heavier. Excessive local stress may cause the silicone to break. Generally, if the rupture is large, You can contact customer service to return to the factory for repair. If there is a small area of damage on the surface of the doll, you can choose to repair it yourself.


What glue is suitable for repairing sex dolls? There are two good recommendations:


Hot-vulcanized silicone glue KL-301; 2. Slow-drying glue KN-300, which is more practical. Both of these glues have good repair effects. The first one is suitable for large-scale mass production; while the slow-drying KN-300 is more suitable for personal use, and most other silicone products can also be glued. If you are buying an Asian sex doll from lovesdolls, you do not need to buy new glue, we will send you glue when shipping.

Do not use strong corrosive glue such as 502. The material of silicone doll is so soft, and the 502 glue is particularly hard after curing, so don’t make mistakes.

The following is to share with you the steps and techniques of silicone or TPE doll repair:

  1. First, prepare the silicone adhesive, or glue, and repair tools, and be ready to place the wound of the doll horizontally to prevent the glue from flowing out of the wound.
  2. Clean the damaged surface first to prevent stains and affect the appearance; make sure that there are no dirt, water and other stains in the wound, so as not to affect the adhesion of the glue.
  3. Open the glue bottle cap, stick a drop of glue with a toothpick, open the wound with the other hand, and then apply a layer of glue evenly on the two cut surfaces without applying too much glue.
  4. After dripping the glue into the wound, quickly pinch the wound, wait for about half an hour for the glue to dry, and it will stick after a while.


 Glue is corrosive, so you can only stick it with a toothpick. If you open the wound and pour the glue into it, the wound will burn into a hole. If the wound is small and a proper amount of glue is dropped, it will only leavea thin scar after the repair. If there are too many glue drops, scars will appear wherever the glue flows. It’s better to use a thicker piece of paper, cutting a hole a little bigger than the wound in the middle, then cover the wound with the paper, and then repair it to prevent the glue from dripping into the silicone outside the wound.