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Our mini sex dolls are small in size and light in weight, easy to carry and store. The length is usually around 120cm and the weight is around 15kg. The role of mini sex dolls is usually a loli, a little girl or a student, which can satisfy customers’ different sexes experience and the psychological needs.

These miniature dolls of our company are made from medical grade TPE materials, built-in alloy multi-functional skeleton, with a strong body and realistic touch.

The private parts (vaginal and anus) of our mini dolls adopt a compact production plan, which simulates the structure of the real girl’s private parts, so that your glans can experience the feeling of being wrapped tightly, refreshing and exciting.

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The charm of mini sex dolls:

Have you ever imagined having sex with a little girl or having sex with a little boy. Or have you ever thought about having sex with boys and girls? Unfortunately, this is not allowed in real life. If you want to experience sex with a little girl, then please buy a small or mini sex doll.

Lovesdolls has a variety of mini or small sex dolls. Lovesdolls’ mini sex dolls are all made according to the proportions of real little girls. And our mini sex dolls have various ancestry, some are cosplay little girls from Japan, some are cute and beautiful elf girls from European and American countries, and some are cute loli from China. In short, the mini sex dolls you want are available in the lovesdolls store. There are also various figures among them, some are sexy and slim, white and beautiful; some are plump, graceful and full of exotic style. You can browse the webpage of our mini sex doll, you will find the one you like!

The private part design of lovesdolls’ mini sex doll:

The private parts of the mini sex dolls in our lovesdolls store are designed in a variety of shapes. Some imitate the structure of a little girl’s genitals. From the outside to the inside, they are designed based on real human physiology; for example, we have some mini sex dolls. The vagina is designed to be a virgin type vagina. This design meets the physical and psychological needs of many customers. This structure is mainly narrow in the lower part, and the lower end opens to the vaginal vestibule through the vaginal opening. In the virgin mini sex doll, there is hymen attached around the vaginal opening, which can be ring-shaped, half-moon-shaped, umbrella-shaped or sieve-shaped. The inner epithelium of the vagina is thin, less folds, and the vagina is more compact!

In addition, the private parts of some of our mini sex dolls are designed into the shape of the vagina of an adult young woman or a mature woman. This kind of pubic appearance is more mature and sexy, which makes people have unlimited reverie.


Use of mini sex dolls

Since the bodies of Lovesdolls mini sex dolls are generally small, most of their heights are between 65-140CM, and their weights are generally within the range of 8-25KG. So one of their biggest characteristics is their small size and light weight. For this reason, small or mini sex dolls will be very convenient during use. You can move her arbitrarily and save energy during sex. Make you feel relaxed to complete the sex action.

Secondly, you can experience movements that other big dolls can’t use. For example, the sex position of female upper and lower male. Because the mini sex doll is light in weight, you can easily arch your waist and use your hands to hold Mini sex dolls are repeatedly held up and down to complete the sexual intercourse with you; but for large sex dolls with heavy weight, unless you have very strong power, it is difficult for you to complete such movements all the time. Even if you can complete this sex action process, you will feel very tired;


For men who are not very good in strength and endurance, if you buy a sex doll with a large body and a heavy weight, then you can only experience the sex position of the male in the upper and the female in the lower position, and the female in the upper and the male in the lower position. It’s hard to complete!


Cleaning, maintenance and storage of mini sex dolls

For the cleaning and maintenance of mini sex dolls, this kind of small size and low weight sex doll is very easy to clean ; if you want to clean the mini sex doll thoroughly, generally you need to move her to the bathroom. Among them, the weight and volume are small, and it is very easy to carry it. During your cleaning process, for example, turning the doll over, raising the legs, etc., are much easier and simpler than the big sex doll!

Steps to clean sex doll:

  1. Initial cleaning

Rinse with water to wash away surface dirt. Note: Only wash with cold water or warm water within 38 degrees to prevent affecting the life and elasticity of the product.

  1. Deep cleaning

After rinsing with clean water, apply shower gel or hand sanitizer to the surface of the product, rub it and rinse it off. Note: Do not use strong acid or strong alkaline cleaning products, and also do not use alcohol-based cleaning fluids, otherwise the product will be corroded.

  1. Wipe and dry

Use a dry cloth to dry the water stains on the surface of the sex doll, and need to dry it completely, and then air dry for 20 minutes.

  1. Apply talcum powder or talcum powder

After the sex doll is dried, apply talcum powder or talcum powder all over the sex doll. Buy lovesdolls mini sex dolls, we will give you talcum powder or talcum powder for free.


How to store mini sex dolls:

After cleaning, the doll needs to be maintained and stored. For mini sex dolls, this is relatively simple. For example, after cleaning, you need to powder the whole body of the mini sex doll to preserve it. This is much simpler for this kind of doll.How to store mini sex dolls:

After cleaning, the doll needs to be maintained and stored. For mini sex dolls, this is relatively simple. For example, after cleaning, you need to powder the whole body of the mini sex doll to preserve it. This is much simpler for this kind of doll At the same time, the storage space used is relatively small, you can hang her in the wardrobe; you can also store the mini sex doll in the package that is shipped with the delivery, let the doll lie flat in the box, but Note that a soft foam cushion or a quilt must be placed on the bottom of the doll, otherwise it will cause deformation of the doll for a long time; in addition, it is not advisable to wear dark tight clothing during storage to avoid staining.

But for a big sex doll, this is more difficult. It is possible that your wardrobe is not large enough and you don’t have enough space to hide her. In addition, the mini sex doll is more convenient and easy to operate in the process of powdering and storing the doll.

About customer privacy:

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