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Recently, more and more people have begun to consider buying realistic male dolls as partners for sex and play. Our shop offers very sexy male sex dolls, including handsome, cute, young, muscular, blond, white skin, dark skin male sex dolls and more! They are very sexy. They have huge dicks. Of course, customers can also choose sex dolls with medium or small penis. Our internal design of the penis adopts a snake bone design with a built-in snake bone skeleton, which is very flexible and silky; the appearance has raised veins and protrusions, which can stimulate the female vagina to the greatest extent, and bring you super cool sexual pleasure and reach a climax.

The body of our male doll is made of medical grade TPE/silicone ,and has an internal alloy metal yoga skeleton, which has greater flexibility and strength. For women and gay men, this is a good choice to meet all your sexual needs.

Our male and female dolls have custom options, you can choose height, hair, eyes, feet, penis size and overall shape, etc.

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