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Leolulu Rely On “18+ electric massager” To Relieve Her Boredom. Leolulu Masturbates To Her Whole Body Twitching

Do you remember the “dirty AV in history” filmed by the well-known adult website Pornhub co-branded with the faceless French husband and wife file “Leolulu” in the AV industry last year? ! Having sex on the ultra-dirty beach, in order to arouse people’s response to environmental protection, and every time they watch the movie.

Pornhub donates advertising proceeds to the marine environmental protection agency “OceanPolymers”,fully responding to it.

“Environmental protection does not distinguish between you and me, regardless of industry” spirit.

Let’s take a look at this creative and environmentally conscious trailer first! The website is “”. They are still lovers, and the two who started live broadcasts on a large scale without showing their faces were originally well-known in the pornography circle. After signing their debut, they became a couple partners in the AV industry.

Last year, he became popular because of his use of “making love” for environmental protection, and rushed to the top ten in the “World AV Duo List” in one fell swoop. The husband and wife are very low-key. Not only have they never shown their faces so far, they are also active in the AV industry under the name Leolulu, a combination of the two names Leo and Lulu.

The wife of the husband and wife partner “Lulu”! According to information, the couple are both French. “Lulu”, born in 1997, is 170 cm tall and weighs 52 kg. Although the figure is slender and skinny, it has a very plump buttocks and round B milk.

Perhaps because it was a large-scale live broadcast started, so the shooting scenes and styles are also biased towards the realistic style of home.

Without exaggerated acting skills and gymnastic tricks, the feeling of closeness brought out by the film is a major feature, especially the supporting role is a husband, which is more in line with the literal meaning of “Make Love”.

A while ago, “Lulu” broadcasted a rare personal Solo on Twitter… She filmed a masturbation film that played with an electric massager and got convulsions. Netizens asked if the young couple had a quarrel.

“Lulu” also explains that her husband is not at home, so she is lonely and finds fun to relieve her boredom. Hehehe~Want to see lulu, a sexy simulation sex doll? ! It is ready for everyone, There are various sex dolls on this website, and there are some sex dolls made by imitating porn stars.

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