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In-Depth Discussion: What Are The Characteristics Of High-Quality Sex Dolls?

SEXDOLL, in fact, the biggest advantage is that it reduces the cost of communication between men and women and separates sex from love.

This is a summary report that collects the real thoughts of many purchasers. I hope you can actively leave your valuable comments in the comments!

For users who intend to buy TPE sex dolls or silicone sex dolls, a topic of concern is “What is the difference between sex with SEXDOLL and real sex?” Some sex doll lovers will ask

“What are the disadvantages of SEXDOLL compared to real people? Or is there any advantage over real people?”

People in the industry who have studied sex dolls for many years sum it up in one sentence: SEX DOLLS, in fact, the biggest advantage is that it reduces the cost of communication between men and women and separates sex from love… Some young men in today’s society share the same feeling: “Sometimes, If it’s not for sex, I would still prefer to live with boys.”

Only extract that part of the sexual pleasure, and stay away from problems such as spiritual burden and personal morality-a unilateral sexual demand problem that has been plagued for hundreds of years is finally solved at this time. Our SEXDOLL really acts as a good tool to alleviate social problems.

So back to today’s theme, since SEXDOLL simulates the image of a person who is “no temper”, “will not resist”, “fully conquered”, “position and posture freely”, “as much as you want”, then She/it must do the following to make owners truly satisfied:

the joints of the skeleton should be well deployed, and should have the characteristics of durability, large range of motion, and flexibility; this can increase the sex position, such as Doggy Style, G-Whiz, Leap Frog, Stand and Deliver, etc. Simulate the real sex effect, so that you can have a more comfortable experience during sex.

In addition to the normal styling joints, a “fully loose joint customization item” should be added to meet the needs of special users. There are two options of “full loose joint” and “tight joint”. I personally suggest that the first doll is better with tight joints, because loose joints cannot fix the posture, and the posture is not easy to pose. But if you decide to buy a second doll, you can consider buying one with loose joints. Although the loose joints can’t even sit firmly, it’s much more comfortable to hug than a tight joints sex doll. Whether it is a sex doll with loose joints or a sex doll with tight joints, they cannot stand on their own without modification. Don’t make dangerous attempts. The soles of your doll feet will wear out.

There are six characteristics of a good sex doll skeleton:

The doll with a good skeleton has a joint at the waist of the doll. Now your doll can twist the waist from side to side, so what is the actual effect of this?

When you have sex with a sex doll, you will definitely shake. As a result of the vibration, you will have a slight displacement, and you will move to the left or right. Such a good skeleton sex doll has a waist joint design , It will change her direction to suit your position when you use it.

A good skeleton sex doll has a uterus in the internal passage, so I will give you a logical question. When you insert the penis into the sex doll’s vagina, you will definitely squeeze the internal air out, right?, then when you pull out the penis At the time, due to physical effects, the suction cup in this channel will definitely shrink and suck. Then you will feel a suction, and the stimulation to you is very obvious.

The joint of a good skeleton sex doll uses a double gear structure, so when you actually use it, this joint plays a vital role. Basically, there is no need to consider the situation that excessive force will affect the doll. It is very light , You can change the posture of the sex doll with just one hand.

Of course, the joints of the new sex dolls are tight, which is normal. If you use the sex doll for a week according to the method, the doll will be abnormally obedient and will not cause excessive loosening of the joints. After long-term use, the joints will also not be too loose. What about screwed joints?

The screw-fixed joint will be very tight at first. This is normal, and it will gradually loosen as you use it. This is also normal, but the screw will only become loose as it gets older and it cannot be reversed. Because you can’t take the doll apart and tighten the screws, right? That will definitely cause the joints to be too loose in the future. A sex doll with a good skeleton has a shrug function.

It is true, but what is the point of shrugging?

Okay. The old skeleton sex doll’s shoulder does not have this function, so when you lift the arm of the sex doll, the doll’s armpits will definitely be distorted. You don’t want your sex doll to have scars on the armpit, right? A doll with a good skeleton can shrug its shoulders. In other words, when your doll raises its hand, its armpits will be easily stretched. The meaning of stretching is that there will be no distortion and damage.

At the same time, because sex dolls can shrug their shoulders, then some real poses can be simulated by sex dolls, which is also a perfect presentation in terms of aesthetics.

2 Use the lightening layer as an intermediate material for the sex doll:

It needs to be thoroughly bonded with the surface silica gel (cannot be degummed and broken), and the softness of the middle layer echoes the surface skin layer to achieve a layered, hand-feel, and simulate the real muscle and skin structure combination.

3. The TPE or silicone on the surface of the sex doll should be dense:

It has the characteristics of oil control, tear resistance, antistatic, easy to clean, not easy to dye, and can adjust the softness and hardness of the skin TPE or silicone according to different needs.

Let users be satisfied whether they want a soft body or a firm touch.

4. The position of the vagina and anus of the sex doll should be accurate, and the vagina and anus should be real and durable.

5. Sex dolls should have differences in softness and hardness in different parts:

For example, the vagina, the breasts should be soft, the buttocks should be soft, the back of the thighs should be softer than the front of the thighs, and other areas should conform to the real human body structure. The hard areas should be hard and the soft areas should be soft. It should have a sense of layering. It makes people feel that the sex doll is real, rather than the feeling of facing a pile of jelly, which is fake.

6. The mold should be fine: the body of the sex doll created by the fine mold is smooth and has a sense of skin texture.

The figure is symmetrical, uniform and very beautiful.

7. The thickness of the body tissue of the sex doll must be accurately calculated, the various human organs must not be deformed, the facial features must be correct, not easily perforated, the skin of the sex doll must not be easily frosted, and it must withstand long sitting, lying, and kneeling. The body is not easily deformed and the skin is not easily damaged.

  • The smell of sex dolls: Sex dolls that have no taste can be hugged to sleep and used as pillows. The authentic doll has no special smell, no plastic smell. However, poor quality dolls will have an unpleasant plastic smell. Therefore, when buying sex dolls, ask the seller clearly, what is the quality of the product, whether there is any plastic smell, etc.

9. The vagina and anus have different lengths and widths to meet the needs of users of different sizes, and increase the wrapping, tightening and stimulation, producing more sexual pleasure, and at the same time, it is convenient to clean.

10. More styles: different preferences, different markets, to ensure that users can find the image they like anyway, head carving is especially important!

11. Under the condition that the previous 10 problems are solved, the weight should be as light as possible.

12. Good-quality sex dolls have finger bones, which can make it easier to pose instead of shaking like jelly. Fingers are very easy to break, it is best to choose high-quality phalanx.

13. Use functions should be comprehensive and powerful.

Including standing function,  sound function, heating function.

These three functions are related to the user experience, so they are more important:

First of all, the standing function. All sex dolls with this function can stand, which provides more posture possibilities.

Then there is the sound function. Equipped with good voice-controlled electronic equipment, it will completely increase the realism during sex with the doll, simulate the sound of real sex, increase the sense of reality, increase the sexual pleasure, and make people more excited.

The last is the heating function, which is also very important, especially in colder places. If the doll does not have the heating function, then the experience will be very poor. There is no real warm feeling, and the cold body makes people do not want to touch. . So the heating function is very important. If your area is relatively cold, then please choose a sex doll with heating function.

14. The protection and privacy of the packaging are very important. No matter what, the doll that arrives at the customer must be intact and unknowingly, God knows, you know, I know… No one else knows

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