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How to store sex dolls?


Notes on the storage of sex dolls

The most important thing about storing sex dolls is not only the storage space, but also the following details:

1. Sex dolls should not be kept standing for a long time. It is best to keep them lying flat. Wash and powder before storing.

2. Do not wear dark clothes when storing, avoid dyeing sex dolls, which are difficult to clean.

3. Avoid being squeezed during storage. Long-term squeezing will cause the sex doll to deform.

4. Avoid storing in dusty places. The surface of silica gel is prone to stickiness and static electricity, and it is easy to be contaminated with dust. Usually, the sex doll is covered with a cloth or quilt or blanket that will not fade, so that the sex doll body can reduce the chance of sticking to the hair and dust, and it will be relatively easy to maintain and clean regularly.

5. Do not keep the sex doll in a long stretched position,

When the sex doll is not in use, be sure to restore the sex doll to its unboxing posture.

1. How to store a partial mold of a sex doll

Because the silicone or TPE partial mold sex doll is small, it is easy to store it, and it can even be stored with a suitcase, just install a code lock.

2. How to store full-size sex dolls?

For such a sex doll, the height is generally about 1.7 meters, and there is a built-in metal frame, so it cannot be folded excessively, and the height is quite high and it is not convenient to store, then we can try a sofa or bed with a box , and put it in the box . Or buying a large wardrobe is also a good way to store it, but don’t just throw it under the bed and fall ashes.How to store sex dolls, some beds are very big, lift up the mattress, and after uncovering the bottom board, you can put the sex dolls, and you can put a few.

Best storage method-lying flat or hanging

a. Lying flat: There is only one important point for laying sex dolls flat, that is, you can’t lie on a “hard surface”. No matter you let the sex dolls lie on the bed, storage box or even the floor, remember to add a soft piece under the sex doll’s body. Cushion, (it can be a quilt, a pillow, a cushion, etc.) so as to prevent the back of the sex doll (especially the buttocks) from being squeezed by its own weight for a long time, causing deformation and squashing, especially the sex doll made of tpe, once the body deformation will never rebound,so please pay special attention to it.

It is recommended to lay the sex doll on its back. You can buy “slow rebound sponge”, also known as “memory sponge”. Generally, you can buy it in large shopping malls or bedding stores. If it is not convenient to buy “memory sponge”, there is another cheaper way is to add a pillow under the waist and thighs of the sex doll, so that the buttocks of the sex doll can be “overheaded” by the pillow, so that the buttocks will not be deformed for a long time.

b. Hanging: Hanging is a very good way to store sex dolls, because no side of the sex doll’s body will be squeezed by the sex doll’s own weight when the sex doll is hung and placed. For clothes racks or other types of shelves, you can consider hanging sex dolls. The hanging methods of sex dolls of different brands may be slightly different. It is recommended to consult the customer service of the manufacturer in advance to avoid damage. It is recommended that if the above conditions are not available at home, it is recommended to buy a pulley hanger to hang your own sex doll. There is also a customized version, you can search it yourself.

The storage method that must not be used-standing or sitting

a. Standing: Let the sex doll stand in a corner of the house, which is a storage method that many friends who do not understand 1:1 simulation silicone baby often think of.

Here I would like to remind everyone that in fact, most sex dolls are “cannot stand”, even some high-end sex dolls of Japanese brands are the same. Manufacturers will especially emphasize “can only stand for a short time.” The standing function developed by the Japanese sex doll factory is actually designed to meet the needs of sex doll owners to take photos and poses, not to solve the storage problem.

Please pay attention here especially! The raw material of the tpe sex doll is very soft. When the sex doll is standing, the weight of the body will directly fall on the sole of the foot, so it is very easy to cause the sole of the foot to tear, and even the metal skeleton pierces the sole of the foot, so I recommend it best not try to “stand for a short time”, otherwise the damage to the soles of the sex doll’s feet is not worth the loss!

b. Sitting posture: Let the sex doll sit on the sofa for a long time. This may be the direct idea of friends who don’t know silicone sex dolls or tpe sex dolls. They think that there is always no problem with sex dolls sitting on a soft sofa, right? Here I want to tell you this is also a very wrong storage method, because when a sex doll stays in a sitting position for a long time, his hips will crack due to the weight of the upper body and the squeeze of the thigh meat for a long time. If you let the sex doll keep sitting, be sure to limit it to 1-2 days. After sitting for 1-2 days, be sure to return to the lying or hanging state to ensure that the sex doll is not under any pressure.

So where can you store sex dolls?

In view of the limited storage conditions of many friends at home, you can consider buying a sofa box to store sex dolls. When not in use, put the sex dolls in the sofa box and lock them. The sofa box looks like a sofa and can be used to sit people;

Even if guests come to the house, there is no need to worry about leaking their privacy. In addition to buying a sofa box, you can also put the sex doll in the closet, or under the bed with storage function.

In addition to buying a sofa box, you can also put the sex doll under the bed with storage function:

In addition, you can also put the sex doll in the closet:

Precautions for the use and maintenance of sex dolls:

1. Do not bend the limbs of the sex doll for a long time, or sit for a long time and do other difficult postures. Non-standing sex dolls are not allowed to stand. Do not put the sex doll’s legs in a 180° position, and do not lift up both hands too high.and do not lift up with both hands excessively;

If the non-standing model stands up, the foot skeleton will pierce the skin and be exposed. After use, return to the proper posture as soon as possible. Although sex dolls can change many positions, remember not to use excessive force when changing any position. When changing the posture, try not to bend more than the bending angle designed by the factory, and don’t use too much force when bending it, so as not to strain the skin of the sex doll.

2. Do not wash the vagina with a faucet, and try not to wash the face on a large area. When the face is stained, use a cotton swab to remove makeup and slowly remove it.

3. The skin of the sex doll is designed to be very delicate and shiny. Do not touch the skin with knives or other sharp objects to avoid scratching and affecting the appearance. Do not approach the fire source because the material is flammable.

4. Do not store it upright. If the eyes of the sex doll seem to be of different sizes, you can manually adjust the eyeballs (push to make them smaller and pull them out to make them bigger). When you buy a wig separately, please try to buy a white inner net.

5. When you want to bathe the sex doll, the water temperature should be controlled below 40 “C, shower gel, soap, washing powder can all be cleaned (be careful not to use strong acid detergent). During the cleaning process, it is best to wipe the head with a damp towel. Do not get water into the neck joint, otherwise it will easily cause rust and affect the use and appearance.

You can wash directly below the neck. Do not grab the surface of the sex doll with your hands.After cleaning, it is best to air dry the water naturally, and then evenly coat the protective powder on the sex doll body, the surface is smooth as before, and the touch is delicate.

6. Do not use irritating liquids such as disinfectant and alcohol for disinfection and cleaning, and do not touch the circuit part of the sex doll during cleaning to avoid circuit failure. Allergic people conduct a series of material tests before the trial.

7. If you press on one side for a long time, there will be indentation, but don’t worry, put the pressure side up and it can recover by itself in a few days.

8. Because of the particularity of the material, it is easy to be dyed, so do not contact sex dolls with easily contaminated objects such as ink, and do not wear close-fitting dark clothes to avoid staining; large areas of dyeing are difficult to completely remove.Decolorizing cream can only remove a small amount of staining.

9. If the sex doll is accidentally dyed, you can use olive oil, salad oil to try to remove the stain, and evenly apply olive oil to the stained area, and place the sex doll in a dry and cool place after wiping. If the staining is serious and cannot be removed, you can purchase a decolorizing paste for decolorization.

10. When moving the sex doll, do not pull its limbs or head, but hug the sex doll to move it.

11. The wig and coat of the sex doll can be changed in different styles.

12. For sex dolls, there will be some oil on the surface of the skin. This is normal, in order to exude a charming fragrance and protect the skin from cracking.

13. Sex dolls with battery settings need to take out the battery after use, save the battery for the next use.

14. Sex dolls can reduce the spread of sexual diseases to a certain extent, but if multiple people use the same sex doll, it may be contagious. Therefore, sex dolls can only be used exclusively by themselves, and they must be cleaned in time after use. Pay attention to hygiene.

Dear friends, if you love her (him), you must take your time and learn scientific storage methods so that the beautiful elves can always accompany you! If you think my writing is good, please share it with your friends, thank you. I hope everyone can buy the one she (him) they like and take good care of her (him), so that she can always be by your side!

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