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How to deal with unwanted sex dolls? How to deal with the eliminated sex dolls?


Many people don’t need sex dolls after using them for a period of time. How to deal with them? After all, sex dolls are different from ordinary objects. They are very private, and most people are often at a loss when dealing with unwanted sex dolls. Dealing with sex dolls is nothing more than throwing them into the trash can, reselling them second-hand or recycling the dolls. From a feasibility point of view, recycling sex dolls is the best solution. Let’s look at the specific methods of disposing of sex dolls. .

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1. How to deal with sex dolls

(1)Throw it in the trash can

Obviously, this is not the perfect way, we can see some strange news in the newspaper. In addition, the solution is not environmentally friendly, because most of the sex dolls will be buried or thrown into the incinerator at best.

(2) Second-hand sale

So far, this is the best way so far. However, it is difficult to sell second-hand sex dolls. Even if second-hand sex dolls are very clean, they are usually used as mannequins or anything else. In addition, transportation costs are also a big problem.

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(3) Recycle the doll

So far, the most feasible solution. There are two options, depending on where you live and how to recycle your sex doll.

Manual recycling: Sex dolls can be sold to small recycling plants and will be peeled manually.

Automatic shredding: shredding sex dolls and many other products, and removing waste from metal parts through the machine.

Most major cities have automatic recycling areas. Just pour the sex doll into a metal recycling bin to complete the whole process.

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2.How to deal with the eliminated sex dolls

Some users who have bought sex dolls and prospective users who plan to order sex dolls will consider what to do with the sex doll if they don’t need the sex doll anymore.

Is it a second-hand transfer? Give it away? Throw it away? In fact, there is no need to entangle, everyone’s situation is different. Whether the Sex dolls have been used for a long time, whether they are well maintained, whether they are stained, whether they have wounds, whether there are channels for selling second-hand sex dolls, etc.

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First, It is best if you have already figured out what to do if you don’t need it anymore in the future before you buy a sex doll. For example, if a user just wants to use it for a while and then throw it away, it is recommended that you needn’t buy the expensive one, otherwise it would be a pity to throw it away.

Secondly, since it is decided to throw away the sex doll after use, the sex doll will not be given away or transferred, so you can use it at will and vent it with your heart.

If you want to sell sex dolls when you don’t want to use sex dolls, you must be extra careful in the process of using them. There should be no wounds and no discolored clothes, otherwise the price will be lowered. But second-hand sex dolls are very cheap, and sales channels are also available, so you can find them yourself.

Similarly, if you don’t need sex dolls and want to give them away, you should try your best to take care of them. After all, the dolls that can’t be given out are too bad, otherwise they may not want them, or they will throw them away when they are given away.

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Finally, throw away the sex doll.

I don’t know if netizens have paid attention to people who often have morning exercises and found the “corpse”, and it turns out that it was a simulation sex doll that was thrown away. In fact, this practice is very bad and it is easy to frighten the discoverer.

The editor recommends using scissors to cut the doll into fist-sized pieces, and then use a black plastic bag, divide it into 2-3 bags and throw it into the trash can. Every morning, the trash truck will come to pick up the trash, and no one will find it at all; Even seeing what is in the plastic bag, but no one can see what it is, because it has become a fist-sized piece.

sex doll

As for the built-in metal skeleton of the sex doll, it is better to deal with it, because this skeleton is not an artificial skeleton like the human body structure. It’s just a very simple bracket with joints. After bending the frame of the sex doll hard, it is impossible to tell what it is.

There are also some people who want to throw away the sex doll, but because they are timid, they dare not disassemble the sex doll, or they already have feelings for the sex doll, they can’t bear to disassemble the sex doll. Then you can wash the sex doll first, and then take it to the sex doll shop, where the staff and the customer will disassemble the sex doll on the spot, and throw away the sex doll.

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