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How to choose a sex doll? The experience of using advanced sex dolls!

Sex dolls are directly related to your own sexual well-being and happy mood, so it is particularly important to choose a high-quality sex doll that suits you. Once consumed, you can hold it for a long time…

People often ask about inflatable dolls and sex toys, masturbation cup products, but they don’t know what sex dolls are. what’s the effect? How to choose a sex doll? Don’t worry, and listen to the detailed explanation for you.

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[What is a sex doll?]

Sex dolls are also called simulation dolls, silicone sex dolls, TPE sex dolls, etc. Sex dolls are relative to inflatable dolls in terms of material. The material of silicone sex dolls is very close to the softness and deformation of the flesh, and the joint deformation is very perfect. The face can be very close to a real person, even the same as a real person.

[Classification of sex dolls]

1. According to the material, it can be roughly divided into TPE and silicone sex dolls.

2. According to the production area, it is divided into domestic sex dolls and imported sex dolls.

3. According to the product form, it is divided into smart sex dolls and non-smart sex dolls

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[How to choose a sex doll]

First: Observe the appearance

In order to reduce costs, many unscrupulous manufacturers use secondary recycling of inferior materials to make them, which can emit a pungent odor from a long distance. The workmanship is very rough, and the facial features are random, usually from small workshops.

(What is the difference in appearance between good materials and inferior materials?)

1. Products made of inferior materials are unstable, and most of them have a large amount of oil leakage, and the buttocks will be deformed after a few hours;

2. Inferior materials have a strong smell, even if you wipe the talcum powder, there will still be a peculiar smell, and you will even feel dizzy after smelling it for a long time;

3. The color of the finished product made of good materials is generally soft, elastic, non-oily, and non-deformed.

Second: Sex doll skeleton

A. Built-in skeleton: The sex doll has a built-in stainless steel skeleton, which can make various movements and poses. The fingers and ankles have skeletons. Can achieve a variety of difficult sex positions.

B. Use new medical non-toxic materials. The high-end sex dolls are made of medical non-toxic TPE and silicone, which can resist high and strong tearing, and are elastic and soft, reaching real-life elasticity and softness.

What is a smart sex doll?

At present, the domestic smart sex doll has two main functions:

  1. Smart body temperature

Similar to the heating principle of electric blankets, intelligent temperature control, safe and reliable, all parts of the body can reach a real human body temperature of 37 degrees, which is closer to the feeling of a real person.

b. Intelligent voice

The high-tech smart chip realizes high-fidelity sound, and the high-tech smart technology is used to send out undistorted sound through the smart chip sensor.

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How do Chinese manufacturers realize intelligence at present?

The main part of Chinese smart sex dolls is to add embedded heating components, then connect to the power supply for heating, and then must unplug the power supply within the specified time. Heating for too long will not only change the physical characteristics of the sex doll material, and it will also endanger the personal safety of the user.

Therefore, users of sex dolls are reminded not to use the doll when it is connected to the power supply. When leaving the doll for a short time during charging, please remember to unplug the power supply to prevent accidents. Do not connect to the power supply to charge and heat during thunder and lightning.

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 [Experience of using advanced sex doll!

After receiving the purchased sex doll, you will actually feel the following conditions:

  1. Regarding the pussy, anus and mouth of the sex doll

Sex dolls have genitals, anus and mouth, and have three sexes. The appearance of the genitals is well imitated, and there are various wrinkles and granulation in the vaginal wall. Coupled with the elasticity of silicone, it is very exciting. The anus is similar to the genitals, but the design is simpler. The inside of the doll’s mouth is just a hole. The advanced sex doll has a vibrating tongue, which increases the user’s pleasure.

b. About the hands of the sex doll

The wrists of sex dolls can also be rotated. In fact, sex dolls basically have joints that same as the human body wrists which can be rotated. The fingers of the big sex doll are separated, and the finger bones are thin steel wires.

c. Regarding the standing function of the sex doll

Sex dolls cannot stand without a customized standing function, otherwise excessive force on the feet will cause perforation. A sex doll customized with a standing function can stand normally.

d. Regarding oil, smell, and deformation

The existing sex dolls on the market all have oily phenomenon, and they feel greasy to the touch. Generally, take a bath once every three to five days and apply talcum powder to solve the oil problem. There is no one-time solution. And if the sex doll sits for a few hours or lie down for a long time, the buttocks will be deformed. Most people are not sensitive to odors and will not feel any odors from sex dolls, but people who are sensitive to odors will smell a lot of scents from sex dolls.

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