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How To Avoid Buying A Low-Quality Or Fake Sex Doll?


Sex dolls, like any product, have various brands, sizes, and price tags.

The following are the five major factors that determine the quality of sex dolls:

  • · Sex doll material quality
  • ·Detailed description of sex doll
  • · Sex doll business information
  • · Sex doll shipping options
  • · Customer service of sex doll merchants

Overall quality of sex doll:

Material quality of sex doll:The raw materials of sex dolls are the basis for making high-end sex dolls. The best materials at present are high-grade TPE and silicone materials. These two materials are the main materials for making sex dolls, and these two materials have their own characteristics;

Among them, the better detail description is the silicone material, and the better softness is the TPE material, but the TPE material needs more technical content to allocate the right raw material ratio. Relatively speaking, silicone is more expensive than TPE. The head sculptures of advanced sex dolls are made of silicone as raw materials, which can better portray the details of sex dolls’ faces and make them more realistic.

The quality of workmanship of sex dolls: Although all products are made for profit, the production of some sex dolls is more infused with love, ingenuity and attention than other sex dolls. It is even a work of art, which is the painstaking effort of the producer.

Some good sex doll brands have strong connections with the art circles or the FX community.Some people may say that sculptors and special effects experts have changed their minds, but in fact, making sex dolls is a form of artistic expression. Like other art carriers. What they have in common is the appreciation of human beauty and the natural desire for the perfection of human fragile bodies, coupled with the ongoing attempts to find the spiritual elements in nature and human creation.

Having said that, modern manufacturing methods and technologies make production easier, and the quality of sex dolls produced by brand factories and those produced by Fine Studio are basically the same.

Quality of sex doll details:

This may be the point that distinguishes cheap sex dolls from high-quality sex dolls.

Inferior imitations-“fake”-sex dolls produced by unknown factories, usually made from stolen sex doll molds; at first glance they may look exactly like the real ones, but you will find the difference on a closer look I;t’s not the same, and it won’t feel the same.Finishing and molding techniques, materials used, softeners, final details and makeup, all of which are hugely different.

Some small workshops use the “copy” method to buy sex dolls on the market to make their molds. The molds will never be as fine as the originals made by the original factory or carved by the artist.

At the same time, the master’s detailed skills in making sex dolls and the artistic talents of character modeling will also be different. You can’t expect an 800-dollar sex doll and an 8,000-dollar doll to use the same craftsmanship, use the same materials and components, and be made by the same workers.

Precision and small details make sex dolls look more real. From the prominent joints to the coloring of various parts, eyelashes, nails, hairstyles and final makeup, there is a lot of work to make the doll look realistic. Overall harmony is the most important thing. If you prefer an “anime” or “unreal” style, making a sex doll even requires a lot of work.

Here are some detailed indicators worthy of reference:

  • View the marketing strategies of sex doll merchants
  • Attention to details: The details of a good sex doll are very delicate and realistic.
  • Sales channels of sex dolls: All major brands of sex dolls have their own websites.
  • Customer service for sex dolls: Good merchants will provide a variety of doll matching options.
  •  “Backstage” photos of sex dolls: Backstage photos refer to photos of the production process.
  • The finished photo of the actual sex doll (unretouched, original): It can well reflect the authenticity of the doll.
  • Videos of sex dolls: The video can truly reflect the appearance of sex dolls, and truly reflect the appearance of the dolls.

Sex doll skeleton:

The metal bracket or frame of a high-quality sex doll has many functions, and there are some characteristics that are the standard for measuring good or bad:

  • Frame material: A good frame is generally made of stainless steel or alloy material.
  • Skeleton joint system: Whether the connection of the whole skeleton is smooth and harmonious, and whether it conforms to the connection structure of the human skeleton.
  • Frame durability: refers to the strength of the frame.
  • Skeleton flexibility: refers to the human postures that the skeleton can imitate. It is considered good if it can imitate more than 85% of human postures.
  • Frame weight: The frame with high strength and light weight is the best.

Transport of sex dolls

UPS, DHL express, freight forwarding, direct delivery or self-pickup? Customs or domestic transportation? Cardboard box or ordinary corrugated paper? Ship from domestic or overseas? Instant delivery or build-to-order? Is the delivery time of 2-4 weeks appropriate or too long? When should I start paying attention? There are many options, many suppliers, and the potential for error is huge. Try to choose a safe, prudent and reasonable mode of transportation.

If possible, I always recommend calling the sex doll seller to confirm everything, or at least make sure you can contact them when needed. Make sure your sex doll company provides transparent information, and if there is a problem, they will be there to help you.

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