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How much is a sex doll? What are the types of sex doll materials?


Abstract: Sex dolls are an adult product, mainly used to solve sexual depression and help people who have no sexual partners to solve their physiological needs. They are generally sold in adult products stores.

How much is a sex doll? The price of sex dolls varies, depending on the material and feel. Generally, the price of inflatable sex dolls is around $100. This type of inflatable sex doll is inflated and has a rough appearance, which can only approximate the structure of a real person, and cannot give people the enjoyment of beauty. What are the material types of sex dolls? Let’s understand it together.

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  1. How much is a sex doll

(1). Entry-level sex doll:

Entry-level sex dolls generally refer to inflatable sex dolls, and the price is around US$40-90. The design of this kind of sex doll is relatively simple, there is no body structure, no face design, and not many functions. The entire sex doll completely relies on inflation to show a basic human body characteristic.

(2). Intermediate sex doll:

The price of an intermediate sex doll is around US$100-300. The design structure of the mid-level sex doll products is also more complicated, generally semi-solid, the torso of the body is inflated, and some parts of the body are solid, for example, the arms and feet are made of TPE material. At the same time, intermediate sex dolls have more functions, such as realizing moving eyes, rotating arms, imitating 37.5 degrees of human body temperature, and accompanying live sex sounds.

(3). Advanced sex doll:

The price of high-end sex dolls is around US$300-2000 or higher. Such products have begun to imitate the appearance and image of celebrities, and materials vendors generally use silicone and TPE materials to make them. The high-end sex dolls are made with complex craftsmanship and are completely designed with 3D modeling. The head carvings are realistic and almost exactly the same as real people. The body of the high-end sex dolls is made according to the 1:1 ratio of real people. The limbs are soft and flexible, and they can move at will, which can cooperate with you. Do all kinds of shapes.

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2. Types of sex dolls

(1). Ordinary inflatable sex doll: Rely on inflatable use, the volume is close to adult size after inflating, the body is soft and elastic, but the skin is hard plastic, the body and limbs are relatively round, can not show the beauty of the human body, the appearance is relatively rough, only Probably simulates the structure of a human.

(2). The whole body of the sex doll is solid: It can be made of TPR material and silicone rubber. The whole body is very similar to human skin. The appearance of the head and body is close to that of a real person, and the size of the body is the same as or close to the size of a real person.

(3). Highly simulated sex dolls: The inside is a solid body without inflation. The whole body muscle skin is made of soft materials such as silicone rubber. The doll is equipped with mechanical bones, which can do many human postures. Highly simulated sex dolls are realistic and totally similar to real people. Even reaching the level of real person.

The high-simulation sex doll also has many additional functions, such as a heating function, which can heat the body of the sex doll to about 37 degrees, which is no different from the body temperature of a real person. It also has a movable tongue, which can increase the sexual pleasure of the user. In addition, the high-simulation sex doll has a built-in alloy steel skeleton, which has the characteristics of high strength, light weight and long service life. At the same time, it also has a pronunciation function, can conduct intelligent conversations, and can make different sexual groans according to the amplitude of different sexual actions, which is almost the same as real sex.

3. The material of the sex doll

(1). Ordinary pvc material is just like the kind of balloons you usually see. It feels very bad. Bad workmanship. This is the lowest level inflatable sex doll. A plastic celebrity face is also pasted on the face.

(2). A little better plastic, add some rubber materials for other parts, such as the head and so on. This inflatable sex doll belongs to the second level, but most of them look scary.

(3). Silicone and TPE materials, full-physical simulation sex dolls, with a high degree of simulation, high-end silicone head sculptures are almost the same as real people. The skin is soft, no different from a real person, both in touch and visual effects are very good, the most high-end sex doll products in the sex doll market.

(4). Special skin materials. That is, the skin is one layer, and the inflatable bag is another layer. This is the best inflatable sex doll on the market, and the feel and touch are first-class.

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