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Can Sex Dolls Talk Too? The Correct Way To Use The Sound Generator!


Dialogue mode is the default mode, you can enter the working state after long pressing the power button.

The voice function of sex doll is one of the functions that many users must use. It can increase a lot of interest in daily use, so how to use the voice function as much as you want is also the doubt of users. This article introduces the correct methods of using the voice function in detail !

There are two voice functions installed by lovesdolls for sex dolls, one is shaking voice, and the other is dialogue voice + tactile voice. Let’s take a look at the first kind of shaking sound.

The shaking sound function, as the name suggests, is stimulated by the swing of the sex doll. After long pressing the power button, it enters the working state. There is a small component inside the shaking sounder, which can sense the swing amplitude of the sex doll to control the sound level and intensity. Let users have a sense of immersion and interaction when using sex dolls. The following is a picture display.

Dialogue vocalization + tactile vocalization is another style of sound generator, which is more complicated because it has more integrated function modes. First, let’s talk about the dialogue voice mode and how to open it.

Dialogue mode is the default mode, you can enter the working state after long pressing the power button. Through the dialogue, the voice generator will talk to you sensitively. The dialogue is a fixed dialogue, so there are notes in the instruction manual!

The tactile sound function is provided by four sensors, two of which are installed on the thighs, and the other two are installed on the private parts of the sex doll and on the chest. Tactile sound is also after long pressing the power button, double-click the button to enter the motion state, so that you can start using it, and the tactile sound function can be realized! There are also role choices!

In the case of this dialogue mode, tactile vocalization is still effective, giving you a better sense of immersion and interest.

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