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British Reuters Reported That China’s Adult Sex Doll Manufacturer: LOVESDOLLS


British Reuters (REUTERS) conducted an interview with LOVESDOLLS sex doll company

This report comes from Reuters, one of the world’s three largest news agencies (the Associated Press and AFP). Reuters has opened branches in more than 120 countries around the world, independently covering a large number of political, financial, sports and other news. News reports are timely and accurate.

Not all sex dolls can be loved by “foreigners”

Not all sex dolls are called LOVESDOLLS

The following is the specific content reported by Reuters:

The LOVESDOLLS factory displays dolls of various styles and sex designs. This is one of the large sex doll manufacturers in China.

LOVESDOLLS is a large-scale sex doll factory in China. The “smart doll” launched at the end of 2016 provides various organs from simple conversation to movable eyes, arms and torso.

Customers can choose various appearance options for their personalized sex dolls, including height, hairstyle and eye color, etc.

Take a set of beautiful photos for the sex doll

The personalized sex doll ordered by the customer, hung in the warehouse, waiting for shipment.

Carefully check every sex doll in a busy studio

LOVESDOLLS sex dolls made of TPE raw materials are imported from abroad, the materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless to the human body; with its advanced production technology, the surface skin of the sex dolls produced is smooth, delicate and full of elasticity.

The skin of LOVESDOLLS sex doll has the same soft hand, elasticity and visual sense as real human skin; it also has a built-in full-body simulation human skeleton, which can imitate more than 85% of real human actions and postures;

The smart sex doll from LOVESDOLLS has a whole body heating and constant temperature close to the real human body temperature, and has a touch-on sound mode.

162cm(5.31ft) AI Sex Doll With Light Tan Skin And Pretty Face ~LOVESDOLLS-191

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