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Beginner's Guide About How To Choose A Sex Doll

If you  buy a sex doll for the first time, you might want to know how to get the right sex doll after your own heart. Here is a beginner’s guide about how to choose a sex doll from lovesdolls, which focus on sex doll manufacturing for over 10 years.

By Oswald

Some players who don’t understand physical sex dolls can easily buy inferior physical sex dolls…
Here are some basic explanations on how to identify physical sex dolls:

1. Classification According to Materials

The sex dolls are classified according to their manufacturing materials. It can be divided into the following four types: inflatable sex doll, rag sex doll, TPE sex doll and silicone sex doll.
Inflatable sex dolls and rag sex dolls are no longer popular, and the experience is very poor, and the quality and materials are very poor. With the rise of TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls, inflatable sex dolls and plush sex dolls have been gradually eliminated.
So this article will not go into details about rag sex dolls and inflatable sex dolls. We will compare TPE sex dolls with silicone sex dolls to help sex doll lovers choose their own sex dolls.

Beginner's Guide About How To Choose A Sex Doll

2. By Sex Doll Material

Which is better for sex doll TPE or silicone?

1: Introduction to the concept of TPE and silicone

Silica gel is a thermosetting elastomer with the advantages of safety and non-toxicity, insoluble in water and any solvents, non-toxic and tasteless, stable chemical properties, does not react with any substances except strong alkalis and hydrofluoric acid, and has high adsorption performance. It has good thermal stability and stable chemical properties. It was first widely used in adult products and food products.

Beginner's Guide About How To Choose A Sex Doll

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to color, smooth and soft, with a hardness range of 0A-120A, simple processing and molding, without vulcanization, and can be recycled and reused, reducing costs. It can be coated and bonded with PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other plastic materials, or it can be molded separately.

Beginner's Guide About How To Choose A Sex Doll

2: The difference between TPE and silica gel:

(1) Elasticity: TPE is a general term for a variety of elastomer materials that have rubber elasticity and can melt and flow at high temperatures. Silica gel is a kind of special rubber that has good mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance after cross-linking. It is a thermosetting rubber. It will not melt after being vulcanized and will burn when the temperature is too high.

The products of complete combustion are water and silica. One major difference between silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls is elasticity. Compared with silicone materials, TPE has both rubber and plastic properties, making it more flexible and more realistic. The silicone sex doll is not easy to deform, which also makes the silicone sex doll more rigid.

(2) The molecular structure is different: Silica gel is an elastomer connected by silicon-oxygen bonds in the main chain, and the side chain is generally methyl, namely CH3. TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer, including styrene, olefin, and polyurethane. The main difference in the molecular structure of the two materials is that one is the SI02 structure and the other is the CC structure.

(3) From the perspective of processing performance: silica gel needs to be vulcanized and heated for molding, while TPE can be processed without vulcanization. Silicone processing is difficult to form, while TPE production and processing are simple.

(4) Silicone has an advantage over TPE in terms of high temperature resistance. The temperature resistance of silica gel is generally between 200 degrees and 300 degrees, while TPE is theoretically generally resistant to high temperatures between 130 and 150 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is higher, TPE will age and crack.

(5) Porosity

Porosity refers to the ratio of the number of pores to the total volume of the material. The trend and rate of fluid permeability determine the porosity of a sex doll. The silica gel material is non-porous, so the secreted liquid cannot penetrate into the silica gel. On the other hand, TPE sex dolls tend to accumulate these fluids, thereby reducing the efficiency of cleaning and disinfection after use.

 (6) Compatibility

It is inevitable to use lubricants when using sex dolls, this kind of item is very necessary. TPE sex dolls are compatible with silicone oil and water-based lubricants, but silicone sex dolls can only use water-based lubricants, otherwise it will destroy the nature of the sex dolls. Compared with silicone sex dolls, this difference makes the use of TPE sex dolls wider.

(7) Durability

In the process of use, the quality and durability of sex dolls are reflected in the pressure that the material can withstand and the liquid that may be exposed to it. For standard silica gel and TPE, silica gel has a relatively long service life; silica gel has strong abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance. Although TPE material is softer, it is easy to deform and has permanent deformation. But unlike standard quality silicone, the quality of TPE is more dependent on the combination of its ingredients. A high-quality TPE sex doll will last longer than a silicone sex doll.

(8) Price comparison: The price of silica gel is generally more than 30,000 yuan per ton, while the price of general TPE is between 13,000 and 30,000. TPE has an advantage in price, except for special TPE materials, such as halogen-free flame retardant, food grade, etc. And other characteristics.

(9) From the perspective of cost: silica gel waste cannot be recycled, TPE waste, scraps, etc. can be completely recycled and reused, TPE can save more costs.

Beginner's Guide About How To Choose A Sex Doll

  1. Which is more suitable for sex dolls, TPE or silicone?

Through the above analysis of the two materials, we can see that both materials have their own advantages, but TPE is less expensive than silicone material in terms of processing performance, recyclability, and cost. With more and more TPE Types and applications, so TPE is the preferred material instead of silica gel!

Which is better, tpe or silicone sex doll? If you have enough budget, you can choose silicone sex doll. If you want to choose TPE physical sex dolls, try to choose products from well-known brands. The price is relatively high, but the quality is better and it is comfortable to use.

The main advantage of TPE over silicone is that they are soft and cheap. Therefore, if you like soft sex dolls, then TPE is your choice. On the other hand, silicone is very heat resistant and more durable than TPE materials. The skin of silicone dolls is more realistic and eye-catching.

Summary: If you like soft and cheap sex dolls, choose sex dolls made of TPE material. If you have a sufficient budget and prefer relatively durable sex dolls with better details and more realistic performance, then you can choose Silicone sex doll. The best solution is to choose a TPE body with a silicone head. This kind of sex doll has real vision and better touch!

Beginner's Guide About How To Choose A Sex Doll Beginner's Guide About How To Choose A Sex Doll

3. By Function

Including standing function, skeleton function, sound function, heating function.

These four functions are related to the user experience, so they are more important:

First of all, the standing function. All sex dolls with this function can stand, which provides more posture possibilities.

Secondly, the function of the skeleton is also very important. A good skeleton can imitate about 90% of the human posture, and the stronger stainless steel alloy is used as the skeleton material, the joints are more flexible, and the range of movement posture can be larger; the bad quality skeleton is generally Only 70% of ordinary human postures can be achieved, and the materials used are generally inferior metal materials. It is very likely that after a period of use, the internal skeleton will rust and break, and cannot withstand greater pressure and is easily deformed. Therefore, the skeleton must use a high-quality skeleton to improve the experience of using sex dolls.

Beginner's Guide About How To Choose A Sex Doll

Then there is the sound function. Equipped with good voice-controlled electronic equipment, it will completely increase the realism during sex with the doll, simulate the sound of real sex, increase the sense of reality, increase the sexual pleasure, and make people more excited.

The last is the heating function, which is also very important, especially in colder places. If the doll does not have the heating function, then the experience will be very poor. There is no real warm feeling, and the cold body makes people do not want to touch. . So the heating function is very important. If your area is relatively cold, then please choose a sex doll with heating function.

4. The choice of general attributes: this can be selected according to your own needs

  • Generally, the selection of general attributes has the following options:
  • Height-The height range of the sex doll is 60-175 cm.
  • Head-There are a variety of heads to choose from, some of which have a built-in realistic tongue.
  • Skin Tone—Custom options usually include natural colors, white, tan and black.
  • Hair—Various wigs of different colors and styles.
  • Eyes-Common eye color options are black, brown, blue, green and yellow.
  • Areola and labia color-usually three colors (pink, natural or tan).
  • Vaginal type-built-in or removable (movable vagina is easier to clean).
  • Pubic hair-you can customize the number and density of pubic hair.
  • Removable tongue-widely used by photographers.
  • Hook-You can hang the sex doll in the closet.
  • Packaging—regular or special flight case.
  • Finger-nail color and toe nail color.

Beginner's Guide About How To Choose A Sex Doll Beginner's Guide About How To Choose A Sex Doll


When choosing a doll, we must consider the above four aspects.

The first is to choose the type of doll, and choose the one that suits you from the four categories. It is not recommended to choose inflatable dolls or rag dolls. The experience of using these two sex dolls is very poor. Therefore, it is recommended to choose TPE or silicone sex dolls.

Secondly, make sure to choose TPE or silicone sex doll. This should be based on your own budget. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose a full body silicone sex doll. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of dolls of different materials. We recommend choosing the combination of silicone head and TPE body, which not only improves the realistic visual experience of sex dolls, but also ensures the same touch as a real person. The price will not be too high.

Once again, we have to consider the functions of the doll. The four functions include standing function, skeleton function, sound function, and heating function. Choose all of the four functions as much as possible. This will improve the doll’s use experience and be closer to real people.

Finally, we have to consider the general attributes of the doll itself. This can be chosen according to personal preference, there is no good or bad, only personal preferences.

Friends, do you now know how to choose a sex doll?

Beginner's Guide About How To Choose A Sex Doll

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