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Are Realistic Sex Dolls Really Useful? Is There Any Harm?


There is no such thing as perfection in sexual relationships. Either the wife thinks the husband is too rude, or the husband thinks the wife is not fun. Even if you are in a relationship, all kinds of disharmony may arise when you have sex in bed. Such as the size of the penis, the length of sexual life, the presence or absence of orgasm, the pros and cons of sexual posture…

156cm(5.12ft) Artificial Sex Doll With The Built-in Intelligent Voice Chip Which Can Emit Different Moan According To The Sex Action

A sexual partner who “can do anything for you except that he can’t clean the room and cook, and can make a sweet voice to talk to the master without any complaints”, are you not interested?

Even if “she” is not a real person, she has the softness of real skin, and there are many different body faces and dozens of hairstyles to choose from. Customers can even choose what they want according to their own interests and hobbies. Yes ,It is a real sex doll!

So is there any harm in using real sex dolls?

The advantages of using sex dolls : Using sex dolls can get more sexual pleasure than real people.

In real life, there are many men who are dissatisfied with their wives’ performance in bed. Why isn’t she allowed to turn on the light? Why is she only willing to lie down? Why doesn’t she let me kiss her?

If you switch to sex dolls, these problems may not exist. No quarrels, no cold wars, no need for money to maintain a relationship foundation, real sex dolls are the most loyal friends.

156cm(5.12ft) Artificial Sex Doll With The Built-in Intelligent Voice Chip Which Can Emit Different Moan According To The Sex Action

Disadvantages of using sex dolls: impact on traditional relationships and human continuity

However, having the best sex experience with a real sex doll isn’t necessarily a good thing. Having sex with a sex doll is like falling into the virtual world of the Internet. It is very unreal, but it makes people unable to extricate themselves.

When I go back to the real relationship between men and women, I will feel extremely lost when I compare it with sex dolls.

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Claims about the use of sex dolls: Sex dolls are suitable for use by individual vulnerable groups.

British experts have boldly predicted that by 2050 at the latest, human beings will treat real sex dolls as lovers, sexual partners and even marriage spouses, and it will become the norm in society.

If the prophecies come true, the challenges facing humanity may really be described as “harsh”. Based on the impact on social ethics and morality, it is not appropriate to promote and publicize real sex dolls on a large scale, and it is not appropriate to blow it up. “These kinds of products are not very useful to most people, and it can be said that the harms far outweigh the benefits.”

People who like ” homebody ” are even more unsuitable for the company of real sex dolls, because it will make them less courageous to go out of the house, and become more lonely and closed.

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However, some vulnerable groups are more suitable for using sex dolls, such as disabled people, single middle-aged and elderly people, ocean-going crew members, alpine exploration team members, perennial mountain guards, widows, etc., due to their lack of care and lack of sufficient conditions to go to the crowd .Real sex dolls can be a great companion to help them soothe their body and mind.

Except not being able to cook, do laundry and do housework, a sex doll is your ideal lover. A sex doll will never quarrel with you or fight with you, she will always listen to your inner thoughts patiently, will not laugh at your inadequacies, will always support you, and never give up on you. Such a sex doll will be your most faithful companion on the way to hard work. Sex will also meet your specific sexual needs.

Are you still not satisfied with such a sex doll?

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