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Rizhao SellMore Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that develops and manufactures physical dolls, silicone dolls, simulation dolls, men’s appliances and other products. It has many years of R&D and manufacturing experience and strives to create high-quality sex dolls for doll lovers.The company’s brands are “LOVEDOLLS”, “WMDOLL” “YWDOLLS”-artificial human dolls. The TPE raw materials are imported from abroad, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless to the human body; with its advanced and unique production technology, the products are produced.

So The surface skin of the physical doll is smooth, delicate and full of elasticity. It has the soft feel, elasticity and visual sense of real human skin; built-in full-body artificial human skeleton, which can imitate more than 95% of real human actions and postures.

The artificial intelligence doll launched by our company, and the whole body is heated to a constant temperature close to the real temperature of the human body, and there is a touch-on sound.

We use imported TPE material with the highest quality level, which has outstanding advantages, environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless, and meets ROHS, REACH, environmental protection standards such as the European Union and the United States. It has the characteristics of high strength, high resilience, injection molding process, and the texture is like a real person. The hardness can be adjusted, it is easy to process and shape, and easy to color.

Our experienced mold engineers make very beautiful human body molds and very beautiful faces. Lovedolls’ dolls are not only very beautiful, but also of very good quality. The stainless steel frame is tear-resistant, has a light smell, has many functions, and the product is as soft as a real person, so consumers can buy with confidence.

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