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Which is better, tpe or silicone sex doll? Do you know what is the difference between them?

Sex dolls are basically made of two kinds of raw materials. They used to be silicone sex dolls, but after thermoplastic elastomer TPE sex dolls have gradually become popular, many sex doll manufacturers are now using TPE raw materials, and many people are asking: Which is better between TPE and silicone sex dolls? The editor […]

What are the benefits of sex dolls? How to buy sex dolls?

Summary: What are the benefits of sex dolls? Sex dolls are an adult product that meets the needs of men and women. The use of sex dolls can solve the problem of sexual depression and the physiological needs of men and women without a partner. It is much safer to use sex dolls today when […]

How much is a sex doll? What are the types of sex doll materials?

Abstract: Sex dolls are an adult product, mainly used to solve sexual depression and help people who have no sexual partners to solve their physiological needs. They are generally sold in adult products stores. How much is a sex doll? The price of sex dolls varies, depending on the material and feel. Generally, the price of […]

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