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What size is more suitable for real-life sex dolls?

When it comes to adult dolls and sex dolls, I believe many men are no strangers. Some people will definitely think of inflatable dolls. Although they are the obsolete products of the previous generation of otaku, this title can be said to be deeply ingrained in the hearts of some otaku. In recent years, the […]

How to choose a sex doll? The experience of using advanced sex dolls!

Sex dolls are directly related to your own sexual well-being and happy mood, so it is particularly important to choose a high-quality sex doll that suits you. Once consumed, you can hold it for a long time… People often ask about inflatable dolls and sex toys, masturbation cup products, but they don’t know what sex […]

How to clean the privacy of silicone sex dolls? Precautions for cleaning private parts

Summary: Although silicone sex dolls are very beautiful, people feel good when they use them. Many lazy people think it is too troublesome to clean the private parts of silicone sex dolls, and they often complain. In fact, this is related to their failure to master the correct use and cleaning methods. Let me share […]

How much is a solid sex doll? How to choose a solid sex doll?

Summary: With the changes in people’s sexual concepts, more and more people begin to accept the use of solid sex dolls. This solid sex doll is more realistic than inflatable dolls, but the price is expensive, about thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. Due to the high price of solid sex dolls, many criminals […]

What is a sex doll? How to use and maintain sex dolls, the benefits of sex dolls

Introduction Sex dolls are dolls with sexual functions. Because sex dolls are generally made of medical silicone and TPE materials, the price is much more expensive than inflatable dolls. Sex dolls almost always have a built-in skeleton, which can almost imitate various postures and movements of people. High-end sex dolls also have voice interaction, and […]

The difference between TPE and silicone sex doll.Who are better between TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls?

Summary: Silicone and tpe physical sex dolls have different characteristics. The chemical properties of silicone material are relatively stable and more realistic, but the cost is relatively high. The tpe material is super soft, feels dry and has good tearing performance, but TPE products will become oily and sticky after long-term use. Whether you choose […]

The difference between entity-body sex doll and inflatable sex doll

Summary: Many single men buy inflatable sex dolls in order to meet their physiological needs. There are two types of inflatable sex dolls on the market. One is ordinary dolls that require inflation, and the other is entity-body sex dolls that do not require inflation. So when buying a sex doll, should I buy an […]

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