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How to deal with unwanted sex dolls? How to deal with the eliminated sex dolls?

Summary: Many people don’t need sex dolls after using them for a period of time. How to deal with them? After all, sex dolls are different from ordinary objects. They are very private, and most people are often at a loss when dealing with unwanted sex dolls. Dealing with sex dolls is nothing more than […]

Summary Of The Use And Care Of Sex Dolls

The development of the sex doll industry market is getting better and better, and everyone has gradually accepted the existence of sex dolls. Then everyone knows, can sex dolls be washed with water? Today, the editor of LOVESDOLLS will give you a detailed introduction about the cleaning and care of sex dolls. 1. Cleaning of […]

British Reuters Reported That China’s Adult Sex Doll Manufacturer: LOVESDOLLS

British Reuters (REUTERS) conducted an interview with LOVESDOLLS sex doll company This report comes from Reuters, one of the world’s three largest news agencies (the Associated Press and AFP). Reuters has opened branches in more than 120 countries around the world, independently covering a large number of political, financial, sports and other news. News reports […]

How To Avoid Buying A Low-Quality Or Fake Sex Doll?

Sex dolls, like any product, have various brands, sizes, and price tags. The following are the five major factors that determine the quality of sex dolls: · Sex doll material quality ·Detailed description of sex doll · Sex doll business information · Sex doll shipping options · Customer service of sex doll merchants Overall quality […]

Can Sex Dolls Talk Too? The Correct Way To Use The Sound Generator!

Dialogue mode is the default mode, you can enter the working state after long pressing the power button. The voice function of sex doll is one of the functions that many users must use. It can increase a lot of interest in daily use, so how to use the voice function as much as you […]

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