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What to do if the sex doll accumulates dust? Dust removal teaching is here!

Dust in the air will be adsorbed on the surface of the doll’s body due to the oil secretion of the sex doll In addition to the daily proper use and care of sex dolls, some players still don’t know how to dust off their dolls. This tutorial will share these tips for you. The […]

SKYN 2021 American Sex and Intimacy Survey Report

“2021 SKYN Sex and Intimacy Survey” The state of sex and interpersonal relationships in the United States during the covid-19 epidemic, and the various changes that have occurred. The survey report shows: During the epidemic, the younger generation in the United States had more frequent sexual intimacy, and they were more willing to make new […]

Leolulu Rely On “18+ electric massager” To Relieve Her Boredom. Leolulu Masturbates To Her Whole Body Twitching

Do you remember the “dirty AV in history” filmed by the well-known adult website Pornhub co-branded with the faceless French husband and wife file “Leolulu” in the AV industry last year? ! Having sex on the ultra-dirty beach, in order to arouse people’s response to environmental protection, and every time they watch the movie. Pornhub donates […]

The Complete Process Of Buying Sex Dolls

How to buy sex dolls? You can search for sex doll websites on Google Chrome. There are many such websites. Choose the website you like to buy. It is best to buy online in your own home, which is more concealed and pay attention to protecting your privacy. Go to the website to view sex […]

Selection And Quality Identification Of Sex Toys Materials

TPE soft rubber materials are increasingly widely used in the sex toys industry. Products with different functions require different hardness and physical properties of TPE materials. 1. What are the main materials of sex toys? In terms of material requirements, the material of sex toys should have good tensile elongation, soft and comfortable to the touch, […]

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