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Technical Articles-How To Repair Damaged Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are a beautiful thing. They are made by molds. Because of the alloy welded skeleton inside, the sex dolls can bear it even if the owner swings more vigorously.But with the passage of time, the skin of sex dolls or TPE materials will inevitably be damaged. Except for some damages that are irreparable, […]

What Is The Best Sex Doll?

What is the best sex doll? Do you know what the best sex doll is, and what should the best sex doll look like? The best sex doll material achieves the softness and flexibility that is very close to the real human body. After the joints are twisted, the outside looks no abnormal deformation, which […]

What Is The Price Of Sex Dolls? How Much Is A Sex Doll?

The price of sex dolls is composed of the following factors: First, the materials used to make sex dolls, such as inflatable sex dolls, TPE sex dolls, silicone sex dolls, etc. The price of using different materials is very different, so the price of sex dolls will be very different. Second, the additional functions of […]

In-Depth Discussion: What Are The Characteristics Of High-Quality Sex Dolls?

SEXDOLL, in fact, the biggest advantage is that it reduces the cost of communication between men and women and separates sex from love. This is a summary report that collects the real thoughts of many purchasers. I hope you can actively leave your valuable comments in the comments! For users who intend to buy TPE […]

28 Common Questions And Answers For Sex Dolls

Summary: Collected many questions raised by sex doll users, the following are answers to common questions Q1: How many times do dark clothes need to be washed before they can be worn on the sex doll without staining? Soak the clothes in water for 10 minutes with laundry detergent or powder to see if the […]

How to store sex dolls?

Notes on the storage of sex dolls The most important thing about storing sex dolls is not only the storage space, but also the following details: 1. Sex dolls should not be kept standing for a long time. It is best to keep them lying flat. Wash and powder before storing. 2. Do not wear […]

Choose a sex doll with a removable vagina or a built-in vagina?

How to disassemble and install the removable vagina of a sex doll? Popular science time for lovers of sex dolls is up! This article will help lovers of sex dolls understand the structure of sex dolls. When you plan to buy a TPE or silicone sex doll by yourself, how to choose the internal structure […]

How to make up a sex doll?

Sex Doll Make Up Adult sex dolls, like real people, can also use makeup to improve their appearance. Adult doll makeup is a must-have skill for sex doll lovers. Have you seen a doll without makeup? Because TPE dolls need to constantly make up, As time goes by, the makeup powder deposits become thicker and […]

Cleaning and maintenance of sex dolls

How to clean sex dolls? These suggestions are specifically for how to clean and maintain TPE sex dolls. The key to prolonging the life of sex dolls is to keep sex dolls clean and well maintained. To ensure the hygiene and longevity of sex dolls, please only use the following suggestions as a guide. Basic […]

Adult Sex Doll Instruction Manual: How To Use A Sex Doll

good day When you receive our sex doll, we hope you can read this adult sex doll instruction manual first to get a better user experience. By Oswald Step 1: Transport A fully packaged sex doll is generally between 20kg and 60kg, so before you take away the sex doll, you should think about how […]

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