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SellMore Electronic Technology Co., a company that develops and manufactures physical real dolls, silicone sex dolls, simulation sex dolls, men’s appliances and other products. It has many years of R&D and manufacturing experience and strives to create high-quality sex dolls for doll lovers.

The company’s brands are “LOVEDOLLS”, “WMDOLL” “YWDOLLS”-artificial human sex dolls. The TPE raw materials are imported from abroad, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and harmless to the human body; with its advanced and unique production technology, the products are produced. So The surface skin of the physical real life size doll is smooth, delicate, and full of elasticity. It has the soft feel, elasticity and visual sense of real human skin; built-in full-body artificial human skeleton, which can imitate more than 95% of real human actions and postures.

The artificial intelligence adult doll launched by our company, and the whole body is heated to a constant temperature close to the real temperature of the human body, and there is a touch-on sound.

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A sex doll (also love doll or blow up doll) is a type of sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner for aid in masturbation.

In the past, sex dolls mostly used inflatable designs, so they are also called inflatable dolls. In the 21st century, sex dolls are made of gel or resin material with shape memory. They feel the same as real human skin and muscles. They have spherical joints and can perform different movements.

What are sex dolls made of?

In such a sex doll market where a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend, four mainstream sex doll types, inflatable sex doll, rag sex doll, TPE sex doll, and silicone sex doll, have gradually been identified. Let us take a look together.

  • Inflatable Sex Doll

Inflatable sex dolls are our most common kind. The penis can’t be inserted at all. It is a big balloon that is ugly when used as a lifebuoy. This kind of sex doll can be bought for about 20 Dollars. However, the hand feel is poor and the reduction degree is low, and the only function is to be the base of the aircraft cup. Here I only recommend that you buy it for performance art or as a prop for cutting-edge photography.

  • Rag sex doll

Compared with inflatable sex dolls, rag sex dolls have made a little progress, at least they will not leak, and the fabric material feels better than inflatable plastic leather. The filling sponge and cotton also have some softness, and the skeleton can be shaped to a certain extent. . But the shortcomings… no real human touch, unreal face, weird skin tone, and no body details at all. The advantages are light and easy to store, and it does not require frequent maintenance such as washing and powdering. It is also easy to wear clothes and with the cheapest price. However, if you like this quadratic element style and have a limited budget, you can consider it.

  • TPE Sex Doll

From here is the point! It has been a real physical sex doll since TPE, and good-looking sex dolls also start here. TPE material is a kind of foamed flexible plastic with thermoplasticity, and most airplane cups on the market now use this material.

Compared with silicone sex dolls, TPE sex dolls have a lower cost and are very soft, but their shaping ability is weak, and there is no way to express body lines and details well. Therefore, TPE always gives people a fleshy and round feeling, lacks the details of the human body, and is not delicate enough. In terms of durability, TPE is more likely to be torn than silicone, and its life span is relatively short. And because TPE is a kind of foaming material, it is not easy to put on makeup, and it will be relatively cheap in the treatment of the makeup face of sex dolls, and it lacks soft excess. Tpe sex doll material is soft, tear-resistant, elastic, easy to dye, easy to deform, moderate life, slightly inferior in body details and makeup painting, can not plant hair, plant eyelashes, matte material, heavy weight, difficult to wear clothes, price relatively cheap; in the end, TPE will have more or less oil and odor problems, but these two problems produced by major manufacturers will be relatively less.

  • Silicone Sex Doll

Finally, it is the silicone sex doll. The material of the silicone sex doll is soft, slightly less ductile than tep, not easy to dye, not easy to produce oil, not easy to deform, and has a long life.

The body curve and skin texture are good in details; it can be painted, can be transplanted hair, eyelashes, the material is bright, the weight is heavy, it is difficult to wear clothes, and the price is the most expensive.

The silicone sex doll can be said to be the top level in the sex doll industry. The material is non-toxic, and it can be shaped very well to outline the lines and details of the human body. Although the softness of silicone is a little bit worse than that of TPE, in recent years, technology has developed. Through technologies such as silicone latex injection, the hard parts of silicone sex dolls can be made hard, and the soft parts are soft and feel very good.

Everybody now surely gets an idea about love dolls and their importance. So, we will take you to the next step, which is the most important for the person who wants to have healthy sex. Here, we will provide you with a complete step to step guide on how to choose a sex doll. Here are the ultimate guiding steps to buying a sex doll.

  1. Making Yourself Clear

The first thing to understand before buying a sex doll is that make yourself clear whether you want it or not. If you want it, how long do you want to use it? It will give you a clear indication of the most suitable doll for yourself. Sex dolls are not the thing you want to put in your collection for decoration randomly. Either you have it for their proper use, or you don’t. If you don’t know how to choose a doll properly, you can select a random one with a low price for a trial. It will take you to the best suitable design and material for the doll, which you can use for longer times. Follow it if you can afford otherwise, follow the other guidelines which I will provide you now.

  1. Choose What Attracts You

Attraction to your partner is essential in a sexual relationship. Attraction depends upon many factors. Eyes or hair, or lips can attract a man. You must visit our website to choose the design which attracts you most. There are different sizes available in terms of the length of the doll. Each body part has some special dimensions which persuade men to buy them. Some people love large tits and some like small ones. Our website has every size. On our website, you can see different body shapes, vaginal sizes, and anal and butt sizes. Hence, always choose what attracts you.

  1. Consider the Weight of Doll

There are many benefits of having a sex doll in your life which you will come to know through this buying guide. But, here is one drawback that will always spoil your fun while doing sexual intercourse with your doll. Sex dolls are bulky and available in different weight limits. Dolls are not self-moveable like women, so you must move them here and there to set a special sex position. For example, when a doll weighs over 40 kg, how can you move it in the missionary or doggy position? So, always choose dolls with less weight. Some people do not want the whole body of the doll. They need Vaginal and Anal parts. But, in our view, you must go with the complete doll to get a natural feel.

  1. Select a Suitable Design

When you understand what you need, then a design to choose will not remain a problem for you. So, the next step in buying sex dolls is selecting a suitable design. You must select the design which attracts you so that you will never feel irritated while using your love doll in the future. Attraction to a certain design with less weight. But don’t feel that you have done all the hard work. It is the first step in a long list of steps.

  1. Choose the Best Available Material

We have already explained that sex dolls comprise Silicon, TPE, Latex, or Cyber Skin. Hence, you must select only one material. How you can select material is a question that comes to your mind. Select what is best for your area and environment. Many people have allergies to chemicals or materials, so always consider that factor while choosing a material for your doll. Always go for the material which will increase your comfort level. Silicon and TPE are the most common materials used in making a sex doll. Here are some major differences between them.

  • TPE is cheap compared to Silicon
  • TPE is soft to touch, while Silicon is hard
  • Silicone is heat resistant and can withstand hot summers and hot baths, which TPE can’t
  • Silicone has more life due to its durability as compared to TPE
  • TPE is difficult to clean due to its porous material


  1. Choose Wisely Depending upon Your Budget

Sex dolls are available at cheap as well as expensive rates on our website. Use your money where it is most necessary. Never spend on trying or for a trail. Always choose what is necessary for you and your body. Research is the main requirement here. Go for different designs and makes and analyze every item’s budget. When you find suitable material in your price range, go for it.

  1. Analyze the Size of Important Body Parts

Never pass through the selection process of your sex doll in a hurry. Analyze every body part f your doll. Almost every community has a common myth that sex is more a feeling than physical activity. So, the feeling comes when your mind gets satisfaction. For mind satisfaction, you need the body part of your sexual partner according to your sexual part size. If a person has a penis 1cm thick, how can he find satisfaction with a 4cm wide vaginal or anal hole? These little things are important in feeling the heavens during sexual activity. Various sizes are available, but you must choose according to your sexual part.

  1. Visit Different Websites and Compare

It is again an important aspect to consider in buying a sex doll. Don’t stop on just one website. Visit every possible website in your range. Use the search box tool and search for the specific keywords for the doll you selected during your research on every website. Compare every website’s material, price, authenticity, and delivery facilities. It will give you an idea of which website is the best among them. Then, buy for that website.

  1. Seek Assistance from the Customer Care

Contact customer care on the website if you find difficulty during your visit or cannot understand a certain thing. Mostly website customer care is bound to answer your query in 24-48 hours. We also provide the same facility to every customer. Our customer care team is friendly, patient, and responsive to every major or minor question of our valuable customers.

  1. Analyze the Services of the Website You are Going to Buy from

There are some services of online stores and websites which need special attention from buyers. Check the website’s privacy policy first because hackers can access your payment sources if the website is not protected. Check the delivery services of the website. Note the time frame of shipment from the time of order to delivery. Check the website policy regarding returning a certain item in case of a wrong order or delivery of a defective piece. Take a brief look at the comments and reviews of the buyers on the sex doll you want to buy. It will give you an idea of customer satisfaction with the specific product.

  1. Track the Shipment and Check the Delivery

After following all the factors mentioned above, you will reach the point of ordering a sex doll. Order the doll and take the receipt. Track your shipment from your order number to get an update on your order. The last important step in the guide to buying a sex doll is to check your delivery. Open the shipment on the spot and check the delivery. If it is the same doll you ordered, take it into your custody. Otherwise, talk to the website customer care to change your delivery.

  • We provide some unique dolls design which you will not find anywhere else
  • Our love dolls are less costly as compared to the dolls from other websites
  • Our dolls are usable in every position and condition so you can use them according to your desire without any restrictions or resistance
  • You can use our products gently, and you can also become horny because they are so flexible
  • We provide you best makes of dolls with pure clean and disease free material
  • Our sex dolls have different vaginal and anal sizes to provide a comfortable size to your penis size
  • We provide the best customer care services
  • Our website is risk free and is well protected to avoid scams
  • We supply as we promise, no complain for material products and delivery services

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